Youth sports are an important aspect of any community. Not only do they provide children with a fun and healthy way to stay active, but they also help to develop important social skills and lifelong friendships. As a sports administrator, you understand how important it is to create a positive and successful youth sports program. One of the most important tools in achieving this goal is proper registration management. In this blog post, we will discuss why adding a waitlist to your youth sports registration is a good idea and how to utilize TeamLinkt’s registration software.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Add a Waitlist to your Youth Sports Registration:


1. Planning Your Numbers and Resources

The first benefit of having a waitlist is that it helps you plan your numbers and resources. Knowing how many kids are waiting to join a team can help you make decisions about whether you need to add more teams, more coaches, or seek out additional fields, courts or ice. When you have a waitlist, you can more accurately forecast player numbers and allocate your resources as needed.

2. Fairness and Transparency

Having a waitlist adds a level of fairness and transparency to your registration process. It eliminates the “first come, first served” model that often leaves parents unhappy with the process. By setting a date for when the waitlist will open, you can communicate to parents that they can join the waitlist if they missed the registration deadline. As spots open up, you can offer them to the players on the waitlist in the order they signed up.

3. Reducing No-Shows

Another benefit of the waitlist is that it can reduce the number of no-shows. When people register for a sports team, they may not know whether their child’s schedule will allow them to participate. Signing up for the waitlist, however, is a lower commitment, and families can gauge if and when they can participate. When spots open up, people on the waitlist have already shown a level of commitment by signing up for the waitlist, and are more likely to participate when the opportunity arises.

4. Building Relationships with Parents

Waitlisting can also be an opportunity to build a relationship with parents. By communicating regularly with them, letting them know where they stand on the waitlist, and keeping them up to date on new openings, you are showing them that you value their interest in your program. This type of interaction can help deepen the relationship between your organization and the families who participate.

5. Plan for the Future

Finally, adding a waitlist to your youth sports registration process can help you to plan for future seasons. By tracking the number of players interested in playing over time, you can make informed decisions about how many teams and coaches will be needed in the future. This can help you create a well-organized and sustainable youth sports program that can thrive for years to come.

Here’s How to add a Waitlist in TeamLinkt

You are able to set a limit on the number of participants that can register through a registration form. Once a registration form is full, any additional registrants will be put on a waitlist.

To set a registration limit:

  1. Go to Registrations
  2. Create a new form or edit an existing one
  3. Go to the Restrictions tab
  4. Under the Registration Limits section, type in the Maximum Participants that can complete the form

Within the form, you can also set limits on other items. This could include an additional camp, ordering specific items with limited quantities, or registering for a limited number of spots for volunteering. For further  instructions on this, click here

To remove a participant currently on a waitlist:

  1. Go to the Registration tab
  2. Find the Registration form with a waitlist and click on the ‘View (#)’ under the Participants column
  3. Check off the registrant(s) you are looking to remove from your waitlist
  4. Click ‘Actions’ > Activate Participants (located at the top of the table)
  5. Click ‘Activate Participants’ in the popup and the registrant will be removed from the waitlist

TIP: When viewing registration participants, you can expand the filters box on the left and look for participants where Status = ‘Waitlist’


The benefits of having a waitlist for your youth sports registration are clear. Not only does it allow your youth sports organization to more effectively manage your numbers and resources, but it also promotes fairness and transparency, reduces no-shows, builds relationships with parents, and provides flexibility to make last-minute changes. Take advantage of the waitlist function as a way to ensure a smooth registration process for years to come. By implementing a waitlist option, you can create a successful and positive youth sports program that benefits every child in the community!