With the rising costs of youth sports, many parents may find themselves hesitant to enroll their children in sports programs. This is especially true if they have multiple children or if they are already stretched thin financially. However, adding an early bird registration discount can help ease the financial burden for parents, making it more accessible for their children to participate in sports. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of adding an earlybird registration discount for youth sports organizations.

Adding an earlybird registration for youth sports organizations has many benefits:

Boosting Enrollment

Parents are more likely to take advantage of the discount when they know it is only available for a limited time. They can easily plan their financial obligations and budget accordingly when they know they have to register their children by a certain deadline. By adding an early bird discount, youth sports organizations can boost enrollment, making it more likely that they will have a full roster of players. This ensures that the program will be more competitive, and it can have a positive impact on the community.

Provide Financial Benefits to Youth Sports Organizations

An early bird registration discount can provide financial benefits to both parents and the youth sports organization. By offering a discount to parents who enroll their children early, the organization is able to receive payments earlier, allowing them to better budget their money. This can help the organization to plan for necessary expenditures like equipment, field rentals, and insurance. Early registration also helps reduce administrative costs and can save the organization money on printing, mailing, and staff hours.

Aid in Player Development Planning

Youth sports organizations need to plan their activities to ensure that all players receive the necessary practice and playing time. By having an early bird registration, organizations can better plan for the upcoming season, knowing approximately how many players will be participating. They can allocate the necessary resources and provide the best possible player development plan for each child in the organization.

Retain Players to Your Organization

An early bird registration discount can also help retain current customers. Parents who see the discounts offered by early registration may be more likely to register their child earlier in following seasons, as well as siblings if the youth sports organization has an added family discount as well. This helps the organization to plan ahead, making sure that they have returning players and are less likely to miss out on having adequate participation in certain age groups.

By using TeamLinkt’s all-in-one sports management platform, adding an early bird discount, late fees and registration discounts is easy!

Follow the instructions below:

Add Early Bird Discounts & Late Fees

  1. Go to Registration
  2. Edit an existing form or Create a new one
  3. Go to the Fees section
  4. Enter the Early bird / Late fees amount

Adding an Early Bird Discount:

To set an incentive for early registrants, you can adjust the amount to be subtracted from the price of regular fees. Simply enter the amount you want early bird registrants to save and set a date for the early bird offer to expire. The fees will not go below zero.

Adding Late Fees:

To penalize late registrants, you can increase the price of regular fees. Simply enter the extra amount you want late registration to cost and set a date for the late fees charge to begin.

Add a Discount Code to Youth Sports Organization Registration

Discount codes can be based off of an individual registrant, or a family discount for multiple players in the same family.

To add a discount code to your registration form:

1. Go to the Registrations tab

2. Click ‘New Registration’ or Edit an existing one by clicking its name

3. Go to the Discounts Section on the left

4. Click Add Regular Discount or Add Family Discount in the upper right

5. Fill in the information for your discount code and press ‘Save’

You will now see the discount code listed on your registration form. You can now share this code and instruct people to use it, if it applies.

When filling out the form, they will be prompted to use the code under the Review Section before their payment.

The benefits of adding an earlybird registration discount for youth sports organizations can make sports programs more accessible to families, increase enrollment, and improve planning and organization for youth sports organizations. By taking advantage of an early bird registration discount through TeamLinkt’s sports management software parents can save money, reduce financial struggles, and improve their organizational skills. Youth sports organizations can benefit from a streamlined registration and payment process, increased enrollment and retention, and community support. In conclusion, implementing an early bird registration discount can have a positive impact on youth sports organizations for both participants and administrators.