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A Free App For All Of Your Teams.

Sports Leagues, Associations & Clubs can set up each team in their organization with the TeamLinkt team management app.

Full Featured App  |  No Monthly or Annual Fees

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Benefits of Using TeamLinkt

Benefits for Organizations

Share Immediate Schedule Updates via the App


Send Instant Push Notification Messaging


Collect Scores & Stats Automatically via the App


Promote Your Sponsors

Benefits for Teams

Every team in your organization receives free access to the TeamLinkt app with all features included (Comparable apps cost over $120/year).


Receive instant updates about their schedule


Improved communication from organization

How to Set Up the App

From an organization level & receive the benefits listed above

Add Players to Teams

Add Schedules

Via TeamLinkt’s quick-add or spreadsheet import

Send an Invite

Once you’re ready, simply click to invite all of your teams.

If you’ve already done registration outside of TeamLinkt, we’ll import your data for you for free!

TeamLinkt Team App Features

Every team gets access to every feature for free! (Here’s Why)


Add your roster and centralize contacts.


Access your schedule & automate reminders.


Know who’s coming to every event.

Chat & Photos

Chat, email, share photos and even poll your team.

Live Scoring

Share live game updates and video streams.

Ready to Get Started? 

Improve communication, member experience, and simplify your season.

Your teams and your organization will love it!


Setup Options

Option 1: Use TeamLinkt for Online Registration

Use TeamLinkt’s online registration feature to get all of your participants registered for the season. From there, simply click to assign each participant to the correct team.

Option 2: Use a Third-Party Registration System

If you are using something outside of TeamLinkt to register your players, you can still easily set up the TeamLinkt app for each of your teams. This process will involve you exporting your registration data from your existing system, and importing it into TeamLinkt.

If you’ve already done registration outside of TeamLinkt, simply send us your registration export and we’ll load it up for you for free! Message us for assistance with this. 

How does the automatic schedule sync work?

After you have added your schedule to TeamLinkt, any changes you make will automatically update the TeamLinkt app for your teams. This update also includes a push notification to keep users in the loop. 

What does this cost to set up?
We’re not just a free trial.  TeamLinkt is completely free for teams, leagues, clubs & associations!

TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce the cost to participate in sports by eliminating software fees for teams, leagues, clubs and associations.

We keep TeamLinkt free and supported by placing non-intrusive ads in the TeamLinkt Team Management App.

For organizations processing credit card payments through our platform, there is a small transaction fee.

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Great for any sport - TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Management Platform and Team App to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, clubs and schools.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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