Team Management App Feature

Team Chat

The in-app team chat feature ensures streamlined communication and connectivity for all team members.

Communicate Easily With Your Team

Instant Communication

Running late? Last minute change or cancellation? Communicate easily with your team.


More than Words

Use GIFs, chat reactions and photos in team chats.

Stay Connected

Unite your team virtually with team chat.

Team Admins

Communicate and Connect with team-members in-app.

Chat with all players, parents and coaches on your roster.

Team Chat

Key Features

  • Chat with all members of your team.
  • Create group chats with specific groups (like coaches, captains, volunteers, etc).

  • Send direct messages to other team members.

  • Share GIFs and Photos.

  • Share Reactions to specific messages
  • Share current location to members if they’re lost!
  • Ability to turn team chat on or off.

  • Notifications sent with each chat message.

  • Ability to delete messages if needed.

Team Chat FAQ’s

Can you send direct messages?

Yes! You can message your team as as whole, create group chats or send messages to individuals.

Can we restrict our team chat?

Yes, you can create group chats with selected people or turn off the chat feature if needed.

Can you send GIFs?


Do you receive notification?

Each chat message will trigger a notification for all team members.

Can you delete messages?


Are there chat reactions?

Yes, you can react with emoji’s in your team chat. 

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