Team Management App Feature


The built in assignment feature allows teams to stay on top of necessary assignments, team tasks and task signups. 

TeamLinkt Team Management App

Assign Tasks to Team Members with Ease

Edit Tasks

Fill out new assignments for every event throughout the duration of the season.

Assign Roles

Assign volunteers to specific tasks for your next game.


To-Do Lists

Keep a list of everything that needs to get done.

Coaches & Managers

Edit, Track and Fill assignments to benefit the team and its members.

Keep track of team assignments in-app and automatically update the status after every activity.


Key Features

  • Directly linked to events in your team’s calendar.
  • Automated Notifications about tasks.
  • Name specific tasks and assign to a player.
  • Create Multiple assignments per event.

About Us

Great for any sport – TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Team Management App and League Platform to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, schools and clubs.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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