Setting up a sports league involves numerous moving parts, from gathering participant information to assigning players and coaches to teams. Fortunately, streamlining online registration for youth sports organizations has never been easier with TeamLinkt. This digital tool simplifies the league setup process, making it quicker and more efficient than ever before. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of using TeamLinkt’s online registration to get your youth sports organization off to a strong start.

The Power of Online Registration for Youth Sports Organizations

Online registration is a game-changer for youth sports organizers. It not only saves time and reduces administrative burden but also enhances the participant experience. By leveraging TeamLinkt’s online registration platform, your youth sports organization can effortlessly register participants, collect essential information, and seamlessly allocate players and coaches to teams. Let’s dive into the steps to set up your youth sports organizations online registration process.

Step 1: Create Your Youth Sports Organizations Registration Form(s)

Getting started with online registration on TeamLinkt is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Navigate to the “Season > Registration” tab within your TeamLinkt account.
  2. Click the “New Registration” button to initiate the form creation process.
  3. Fill in the basic information for your new registration and hit “Save & Edit.”
  4. Populate all the necessary fields on your registration form, including settings, general information, fees, restrictions, and additional fields. This will involve going to the Settings, General, Fees, Restrictions and Additional Fields section.
  5. If your league requires custom fields beyond the standard options, you can easily create them in the “Additional Fields” section. Click the “Add New Custom Field” button to customize as needed. For more information on creating a custom field, click here. When you’re done, click ‘Save Registration’.
  6. Once you’ve filled out the form, save it, and then click “Activate.” This step finalizes your registration form and generates a shareable link for registrants.

Note: If the form isn’t visible on your website, ensure it’s not saved as a draft and that the registration dates are within the specified range.


Step 2: After Registration Closes, Assign Registrants to Teams

With your registration form ready and active, the next phase involves assigning participants to their respective teams. Follow these steps:

NOTE: make sure you have teams created prior to the following the steps below. Instructions here

 1. Go to the Registration and click ‘Participants’ in the upper right or by clicking on the number of participants under the Participants column.

2. Filter your participants by those who are ‘Not Assigned’ using the filters list on the left and filtering by Team Assignment. Then click ‘Filter’.

3. Click the checkboxes beside your participant(s) that you want assigned to a team.

4. Click on ‘Actions’ > ‘Assign Teams’

5. Select the team you want the players assigned to and click ‘Assign Teams’

With participants successfully assigned to teams, the final step involves activating the teams, which will also trigger email invites to the team members. For instructions on how to activate your teams, refer to the provided link: click here.


Streamlining online registration for youth sports organizations with TeamLinkt is a remarkable tool that simplifies the process of setting up a youth sports organization. By creating intuitive registration forms and effectively assigning participants to teams, youth sports organizers can streamline operations and enhance the overall experience for players, coaches, and parents alike. Embrace the power of technology to make your league setup a smooth and efficient endeavor. Start your youth sports organizations journey on the right foot by leveraging TeamLinkt’s online registration today.