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A Guide to using TeamLinkt for Athletic Directors, Coaches & Parents

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Athletic Directors Help Resources

Athletic Directors have access to manage their entire school on the TeamLinkt organization management platform. 

Logging In To TeamLinkt (School Portal)


To log in to your school’s TeamLinkt account, you can:
1. Visit directly & log in

or 2. visit the SSSAD website > Admin > Athletic Director Team Management

Link to Login Here

Team Creation

In order to ensure your teams schedules are all properly sync’d with the official SSSAD schedule, your teams will be created for you by SSSAD admins. From there, all you will need to do is assign the correct players to your teams.

You can still create any more additional teams that you would like for your school, but your teams that need a schedule from SSSAD will be created for you. 

Pro Tip: If you do create your own teams, Do not add in your own email for each coach or a placeholder as an email, this will cause issues for you down the road!

Viewing Who Has Registered

1. Go to the Registrations tab

2. Click on the Participants Button

3. On the left side, apply any filters you’d like

From there, you can export information, message based off filtering options, assign players to teams, update participant’s information & more!

Assigning Players to Teams

Assigning players to rosters from  a Registration form is the easiest way to set up your rosters for your teams. These are also the same rosters that will be used in the team management app! Simply click on the players you are looking to assign, select a team destination, then click assign. 

1. Go to the Registrations tab

2. Click on the Participants Button

3. On the left side, apply any filters you’d like

4. Check off the box on the left side of the name(s) of people you want to assign to a team

5. Click on the ‘Actions’ button that will appear and click on ‘Assign to Team’

6. Select the team you are assigning the players to

Important Note on Adding Players to Teams

All rosters in the Team Management App must be set up through assigning players to teams from registratios. Coaches will not be able to add in players via the app. This is done to ensure each player has completed a registration form and given the necessary permissions, information and consent to participate.

Updating Info of Participant

1. Go to the Registrations tab

2. Click on the Participants Button

3. Search for the name of the participant you are looking to update information on

4. Click on their name or ‘Edit’ in the Actions column

5. Make your edit and click on the Save button at the bottom of the page

Communicating with Players & Parents (from the league tools)

To message teams directly:

1. From the teams Tab, click on Messaging

2. Click on New Email

3. Select your recipients, type your message and click send

These messages will include a push notification to the team management app, a message within the team management app and an email copy of the message.

There’s also other messaging options outlined in the help video

Become a TeamLinkt Expert!

Athletic Directors can learn the ins & outs of the Admin side of TeamLinkt through the TeamLinkt Academy. The academy covers the basics of registration, scheduling, communication and more!

Accessing TeamLinkt Support

Leagues, Associations & Schools have access to TeamLinkt customer support chat to solve any sort of techincal issues you may be experiencing, or to answer any questions you may have.

help chat

Leagues & Associations

Do you also organize a league or association? We have tools for you as well! 
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