Youth sports organizers often juggle numerous tasks, including scheduling practices, games, and events, managing players, volunteers, and coaches, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. These tasks can be daunting, especially for organizations operating on a tight budget. However, with the right tools, sports administrators can streamline these tasks and save time and money. In this blog post, we’ll explore scheduling for youth sports organizations made easy with TeamLinkt – an innovative scheduling platform that can simplify the process of scheduling.

TeamLinkt has an intuitive and user-friendly scheduling tool designed for youth sports organizations. It offers a range of features that make it easy for sports administrators to manage all aspects of their organization. With TeamLinkt, you can create and share schedules, communicate with team members, manage rosters, track player availability, and more. Read more about how easy rostering is with TeamLinkt here: The Ease of Rostering Youth Sports Participants with TeamLinkt

Using TeamLinkt offers several advantages for youth sports organizations. Firstly, it simplifies the scheduling process and reduces administrative tasks, freeing up time for other important assignments. Secondly, it improves communication among team members, making it easy to share information and updates through push-notifications. Thirdly, it helps eliminate scheduling conflicts, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Lastly, it provides real-time updates, giving sports administrators instant feedback on player availability and team needs.

Instructions on Scheduling for Youth Sports Organizations in TeamLinkt:

Creating Multi Team Events

Add events for multiple teams at once to simplify your scheduling.

  1. Go to Schedule & Scores > Scheduling
  2. Click Add/Import > Add Events
  3. Select the Type, Start Date/Time, then check off the teams you are looking to add the event for

From there, click Create and the events will be created for each team selected!

Editing multiple events (games, practices, etc) for Scheduling Youth Sport Organizations

You can now edit the properties like time, day, duration, location, cancel, move, delete, etc of multiple events at once.

This will be the easiest way for admins to change game times, change locations of games, change the length of games or practices, edit the duration of games, etc.


To edit the properties of an event, or multiple events, in your schedule you can:

  1. Go to Schedule & Scores > Scheduling
  2. Check off the event, or multiple events, that you are looking to update
  3. Click ‘Mass Updates’ or ‘Actions’ depending what you want to do (located at the top of the table)
  4. From there, if you click Actions you can delete the events. Or if you selected Mass Updates you can edit any of the following properties


These include changing the start date, advancing start date by a certain number of days, start time, advancing the start time by a certain number of minutes to delay the event, changing the status to be active or cancelled, location, duration of the games, statistic type to be regular season, playoff, tournament or exhibition, or changing the max number of players per team allowed.

Once you’re done, you can click whether to notify the teams via the app or not, and then select the update button.

Once you click update, the events are changed on your website, in the team app and if applicable teams are notified.

Import Youth Sports Schedules into TeamLinkt

If you create your schedule in a spreadsheet, you can import that same schedule into TeamLinkt.

**NOTE: In order to successfully import a schedule, all team names & division names must identically match the team names and division names set up in TeamLinkt. If they are spelled different, the import will not work!


To add multiple events at once through an import:

1. Go to the Schedule & Scores tab and click Scheduled Events

2. Press the Add/Import Button & click Import Events

If you need to grab a sample spreadsheet, click on Import File > Download Sample CSV.

From there, build out your schedule in Excel. Be sure to identically match the team names and division names set up in TeamLinkt. If they are spelled different, the import will not work!

3. From there, copy your schedule file from your spreadsheet & Paste it into TeamLinkt’s importer

You can make any sort of changes you need, then once you’re done click on ‘Submit Data’. This will import your events into your schedule, and once it has imported they will be visible from the Schedule & Scores > Scheduling tab. It can take a couple minutes to load, so if don’t see it immediately, wait for a few of minutes.


Rejecting Team Name / Location:

If a team name is rejected by the importer and appearing red, simply click on the cell & select the correct team name from the list.



Tip 1: If your event is a game – make sure the ‘Type’ field is marked as game to access all of the in-game features (including in-game updates, live streaming, etc.)

Tip 2: Team names & Divisions must be spelled the exact same as they were imported or they will be rejected.

A TeamLinkt League Specialist will be happy to import schedules and events to save you time. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact

Note: Additional individual events such as practices, dryland training, team functions are able to be added individually on the web or through the mobile app after an import.

Find more detailed instructions here:

In conclusion, scheduling for youth sports organizations can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! TeamLinkt can simplify the process and make it easy for sports administrators to manage all aspects of their organization. With its user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and powerful features, TeamLinkt is an excellent choice for any youth sports organization looking to streamline their scheduling tasks. So why not give it a try and see how scheduling for youth sports organizations is made easy with TeamLinkt, saving your organization time and money!