Football Ontario Member Setup Guide

Football Ontario Member Setup Guide

How to set up registration in TeamLinkt for Football Ontario Member Clubs.

All Football Ontario leagues & associations have had their TeamLinkt accounts created for them.

Message to get access to your league, association or club’s TeamLinkt account.

Online Registration

How to setup your online registration forms in TeamLinkt.

Step 1: Pick Your Template

Football Ontario has created templates to help ensure all correct information is collected during the registration process. These templates include the correct Football Ontario & Football Canada memberships.

Note: If you’ve already created your registration form on your own for the 2022 season, contact your TeamLinkt account rep & they will guide you in adding the required memberships manually. 

Recommended Templates for OFFL & OSFL
  • 2022 Tackle Athlete Registration

  • 2022 Tackle Coach Registration

  • 2022 Tackle Officials Registration

  • 2022 Tackle Volunteer Registration

Step 2: Customize Your Form

Templates created by Football Ontario have a number of locked fields that have been mandated by the province. You can further customize these templates to include all of the required information that you need asked in your form.

If you would like to break up your registration into multiple age groups, you can do this by either creating groups within your registration form, or creating one registration form for each age group. Either way will achieve the same thing, however it will look slightly different in your admin side of your association’s TeamLinkt account.

Branding Your Form

Update your registration form to have your league, association or club's logo & colours.

Need help adding your logo & colours? Contact and we'll be happy to assist! 

Step 3: Connect your Stripe Account

If you have a Stripe account already, simply connect it to your TeamLinkt account. If you do not have a Stripe account already, you will need to create an account, then link it to your TeamLinkt account.


Registration FAQs

Transaction Fees

Standard Stripe Processing Rates are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. There is also an additional 0.5% fee added to online transactions by TeamLinkt.

Do parents need a Stripe account to pay for their registration?

No! Parents enter in their credit card information to make an offline payment. A Stripe account is not required.

Are there fees on payments made offline (cash, cheque, etransfer)?

No! Stripe & TeamLinkt fees are only charged on payments made with a credit card

Can I do a combination of online & offline payments?

Yes! You can set up your form to collect either online or offline payments. However, the recommended payment type is Pay Now via Credit Card. 

Offline Payments Information

If your league, association or club is looking. to accept offline payments (via e-transfer, cash, cheque, etc), your members will be required to purchase memberships separately.

It is recommended that Online Payments via Credit Card are the payment method enabled when setting up a registration form

Non-Profit Organizations

If your organization is a registered non-profit, you can apply to receive a discount in your Stripe processing rates of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction. To apply for a non-profit rate, email (more information here).

Can I pass along credit card processing fees to the registrant?

Yes! You can easily pass along credit card processing fees to participants. Example: on a $100 form, you can pass along the credit card processing fees where the registrant will pay $103.70 - with this option, you collect the full $100 fee.

Do you offer payment installment plans?

Yes! Contact your TeamLinkt account representative to turn this feature on in your account.

How does the memberships with Football Ontario & Football Canada work?

When building your registration form, member associations of Football Ontario can directly apply memberships from Football Ontario and Football Canada to their form. This will require the registrant to have these memberships in order to register, and if they don’t currently have the memberships they are automatically added to the form and are purchased along with whatever other fees are set up by the association for the form. 

Payment for the Football Ontario memberships goes directly to Football Ontario, and payment for the Football Canada memberships goes directly to Football Canada.

Step 4: Preview & Test your Form

Once your form is set up and Stripe is connected, the last recommended step is to preview your form and test it out.

Pro Tip: Use a private / incognito browsing window when previewing your form to get a true experience of what your users will see. Being that you are already logged into TeamLinkt on your computer, it will skip the first step of registration when testing.

Step 5: Activate Your Form

Click on the button in the top right of the registration builder to activate your form. 

Once your form is active, it will appear on your TeamLinkt registration form, and you will be able to share it with your membership to register.

Help article:

Step 6: Share Your Form
  • Share a direct link to your form

  • Share a link to your registration page (where all active registration forms appear)

  • Share directly to social media

TIP: Create a button on your website with your organization's registration link. Or, if you use TeamLinkt to manage your website, your active forms automatically appear on the 'Registration' tab of the website. 

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