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Enter scores to automatically update your league standings, customize column sorting, and easily share through your website or the team management app.

league standings feature

The Perfect Tool for Managing League Standings


Enter Easily

Add and update game scores after each game.

For All Sports

Customize standings categories based on the sport.

Embed in Your League Website

Already have a website? Embed our Standings widget with ease.

League Admins

Enter, update and share standings with all team members.

Automatically update standings and feature them on your website.

“I cannot say enough about the customer service and the product! Their onboarding team is super to work with and explains things so well! The product is awesome and is definitely an asset for my baseball league. We run on a very small budget and can not afford what other companies charge! “

Mary Ann Hamlin
Commissioner, SEMO North Cal Ripken League


Key Features

  • Enter scores to automatically update league standings.
  • Allow self-reporting of scores to automate the score collection process and standings updates.

  • Customize columns displayed in standings widget.

  • Customize sorting options based on columns.
  • Share through your automatically generated TeamLinkt website.
  • Embed standings widget onto an existing website.

  • Users can access their standings through the team management app with the click of a button.

Standings FAQ’s

Can I customize the value of wins, losses, ties, etc?

Yes! You will have the option to customize the amount of points each result has in your standings. 

How does this work with user's submitting scores?

After a score is submitted through the TeamLinkt app, the standings will automatically update with the result. 

Can we hide columns we don't use?

Yes, in your standings settings this can be customized. 

Can I use TeamLinkt standings on my third-party website?

Yes! If you are using a third-party system for your website, you can easily embed your TeamLinkt standings into the page.

About Us

Great for any sport – TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Team Management App and League Platform to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, schools and clubs.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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