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Football Ontario Case Study

How Football Ontario adopted TeamLinkt software to simplify registering players and collecting membership dues.

Moving to TeamLinkt Software

In January of 2022 Football Ontario moved their website and registration system from Goalline to TeamLinkt. The main goal of the move was to establish an easier system to collect membership dues and organize the registration process province-wide. The move to TeamLinkt software resulted in no more monthly or annual software fees. Additionally, they reduced credit card processing rate for both Football Ontario and all local clubs and associations governed by Football Ontario.


The Implementation Process

TeamLinkt was implemented by Football Ontario in two phases. Phase one included Football Ontario setting up registration form templates and memberships, and phase two included local leagues, associations and clubs governed by Football Ontario setting up the TeamLinkt system.

Phase One

Football Ontario set up membership types for their participants in the TeamLinkt software. These membership types included: tackle football, flag football, touch football, and coaching. In addition to these membership types, there were also memberships required by Football Canada. Evidently, the TeamLinkt system already integrated these. TeamLinkt is the official registration provider for Football Canada.

Once these membership types were set up, they were added to registration templates set up by Football Ontario. Within each template, memberships were automatically built in from Football Ontario and Football Canada. Accordingly, these templates ensure that every registrant has the proper membership and insurance to participate.

“Football Ontario is excited to have TeamLinkt as a partner and the official provider for the largest amateur tackle football leagues in the country. Their team and their products are best in class and we hope more sports associations get an opportunity to utilize this great platform”

Aaron Geisler

Executive Director, Football Ontario

Phase Two

Once the Provincial and National levels set things up, they offered local sports organizations the option to adopt TeamLinkt as their software. Additionally, organizations that chose to use TeamLinkt would set up a registration form (with the required membership dues), set up their website, and eventually set up the TeamLinkt app for teams to use. The TeamLinkt software is free to use, so this was an instant savings for organizations that chose to use TeamLinkt.


Payment Splitting

To simplify the collection of fees, TeamLinkt’s software offers options to split payments between organizations. In detail, Football Ontario membership fees go directly to Football Ontario, Football Canada membership fees go directly to Football Canada and the local organization’s registration fees are collected by the local organizations.

This results in one easy payment by the registrant, and allows all three parties to receive their fees.


Software Adoption by Local Organizations

Football Ontario is comprised of over 60 local football leagues, associations and clubs.

Within the first 6 months: 


Local Clubs Adopted TeamLinkt


Football Ontario Members using TeamLinkt


Memberships Purchased in 2022

Football Ontario

About Football Ontario

“Football for all through leadership, promotion, and development”

Football Ontario is the Provincial Sport Organization for Football in Ontario. As well as being the official PSO in Ontario, Football Ontario is also proud members of our National Sport Organization, Football Canada.