TeamLinkt’s Partnership with Football Canada and Football Ontario – Optimizing Registration, Payment Processing, and Business Operations


Organizing the expansive network of thousands of players, coaches and volunteers in Ontario falls under the jurisdiction of Football Canada and Football Ontario, football’s primary governing bodies. This case study delves into the successful partnership between Football Canada, Football Ontario, and TeamLinkt, the world’s fastest growing sports management platform. The primary goal of this collaboration was to improve a cumbersome membership dues collection process and registration system. TeamLinkt was able to streamline the registration and payment processes for football clubs under Football Canada, while also offering an elite software solution to football teams and organizations operating under Football Ontario’s governance. By designing an efficient, user-friendly platform, TeamLinkt improved the administrative experience for both Football Canada and Football Ontario, enabling them to focus more on the game itself.


Football Canada serves as the national governing body for amateur football, while Football Ontario governs the sport at the provincial level. Both organizations are responsible for setting rules, organizing events, and overseeing the development of the sport.

Setting Up Football Canada’s Registration Memberships

In the initial stages of the partnership, TeamLinkt worked closely with Football Canada to set up registration memberships tailored to the organization’s specific needs. TeamLinkt configured the registration system based on the different member types Football Canada insures. Some of these include tackle football athletes, flag football players, coaches and volunteers, and more. Once setup was complete for Football Canada, these memberships were made available to all Football Canada governed organizations.

When a registrant filled out a registration form with a required Football Canada membership, if it was already purchased and valid, TeamLinkt’s system automatically recognized this and avoided charging the registration again for the same membership dues.

“TeamLinkt isn’t just a technology provider; they’re true problem solvers. When our organization faced complex challenges in managing our multiple membership levels, relationships with regional organizations, player enrolment, and enhancing communication across all levels, TeamLinkt stepped in with expert guidance. They carefully analyzed our needs and designed a tailored solution that addressed our unique pain points. Their ability to identify our problems and propose effective solutions has been instrumental in streamlining our operations and elevating our programs to new heights.”

– Jamie Geisler, Manager, Football Canada

Football Ontario’s Registration Memberships and Templates

Building upon the success with Football Canada, TeamLinkt proceeded to integrate the membership system with Football Ontario. This step included creating an additional layer of registration memberships for Football Ontario. For insurance purposes and to collect their own membership fees, Football Ontario required their own set of registration memberships.

Once both the provincial and national memberships were created, Football Ontario setup registration templates that encompassed both Football Ontario and Football Canada memberships. With TeamLinkt’s built in features, they were also able to include waivers and required acceptance terms for their members. Across the membership levels, With the two different memberships, there is a payment split that occurs where funds are routed to the correct organization automatically. Football Ontario’s membership dues go directly to their bank account, and Football Canada’s membership dues go directly to their bank account.

By using a templated registration setup, in addition to including the Memberships and Waivers required by members, they could also lock certain elements of the template to ensure information was collected (example birthdays and addresses).

Once the template was completed by Football Ontario, it was made available to their local leagues, associations and clubs to use.

Like the Football Canada memberships, if it was already purchased and valid, TeamLinkt’s system automatically recognized this and avoided charging the registration again for the same membership dues.

Registration Templates for Local Clubs

The benefits of this partnership extended to local football clubs operating under the umbrella of Football Ontario. These clubs were provided with user-friendly registration templates that are very easy to use, customize and set up for their members to eventually register through. The template had some locked sections and questions to ensure Football Ontario and Football Canada received the correct information and their membership dues, and then all other elements of the template were customizable – ensuring that each local club collected all of the information they needed. Local clubs also included their registration fees for the year, which go directly to their bank account. There is a three way payment split that occurs in the background as a member registers: Football Canada receives their fees, Football Ontario receives their fees and the local club receives their fees.

Streamlined Payment Flow & Reduced Data Entry

A critical aspect of the partnership was the streamlining of payment processes. When a registration occurred, the software automatically executed a payment split, ensuring that each party received its share promptly. This greatly improved financial transactions, eliminating manual reconciliation efforts and reducing the risk of errors. Clubs, Football Ontario, and Football Canada all benefited from this automated payment system. In addition, by centralizing the membership collection process with TeamLinkt, redundant data entry was avoided at the local, provincial, and national level.

Member Communication Options

Football Canada also was able to start a database of player information, where the option now exists to search for a player and view all Football Canada teams they have played on and events they have registered for. In addition, communication from the national level can now be sent out to their members.

Adoption Rates and Success Metrics

One of the remarkable aspects of this partnership was the voluntary adoption of TeamLinkt’s system by local football clubs. Despite no formal mandate from Football Ontario or Football Canada, over 92% of local clubs elected to adopt the TeamLinkt system. This high adoption rate speaks volumes about the effectiveness, ease of setup and transition, customer support and user-friendliness of the software.

Local clubs praised the system for its simplicity, which significantly reduced the administrative burden on volunteers and staff. Many reported that the system was instrumental in attracting new members and retaining existing ones.

“Football Ontario is excited to have TeamLinkt as a partner and the official provider for the largest amateur tackle football leagues in the country. Their team and their products are best in class and we hope more sports associations get an opportunity to utilize this great platform”

– Aaron Geisler, Executive Director, Football Ontario


In conclusion, the collaboration between Football Canada, Football Ontario, and TeamLinkt has proven to be a resounding success. By simplifying and automating registration and payment processes, the partnership has enhanced the Canadian football experience for players, coaches, and volunteers.

Registration and payment processes are now more efficient than ever, freeing up resources for clubs to focus on player development and the sport itself.

The voluntary adoption rate of over 92% by local clubs underscores the system’s effectiveness and user-friendliness. This case study exemplifies how innovation and collaboration can drive positive change in sports management, ultimately benefiting the entire sporting community.

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