As the world is becoming digitized, the demand for online registration for youth sports has greatly increased. With TeamLinkt’s online registration, youth sports administrators can save a lot of time. The process is more efficient, and the participants/parents can register from anywhere at any time. Online registration not only aids in administering a vast number of participants but also helps solve scheduling and communication problems. To ensure that the registration process runs seamlessly, certain guidelines should be followed. This blog will outline an essential checklist for your youth sports registration with TeamLinkt.

1. Understand the Registration Fees

The first item on your checklist should be understanding the registration and payment options provided by TeamLinkt. TemaLinkt’s youth sports management platform offers flexible pricing options that can be customized according to your organization’s unique needs. Some examples are Earlybird registration discounts and offering payment plans. It is important to decide on a pricing model that is most relevant to the size of your youth sports organization, the number of teams, the age group, and the competitiveness of your league.

2. Use Custom Fields

TeamLinkt offers several customizable registration fields. Adding these fields during the registration process can help you collect important information about each player and team. You can customize player and guardian fields, as well as additional fields depending on your league’s needs.

Adding custom fields allows you to capture all of the necessary information needed during the registration process. There are many fields added in automatically through the ‘Restrictions’ section (address, birthday, gender, grade, etc), but for any other questions you need to ask, here’s how you do it!

To add a new custom field / additional information question to your registration form:

Go to the Registrations Tab & Click on the form you’d like to edit (for this example, I will do the ‘2021 Registration’ form.

From there, click ‘Additional Info’ on the left hand side. At the bottom there will be a green button that says ‘Add New Question’ – click that.

After that, fill in the question and select the type of custom field you want to create


  • Short Answer: Participant can type up to 250 characters

  • Participant: Participant can type up to 1000 characters

  • Number: Participant must type in a number

  • Dropdown (single selection): Participant must choose one answer from the dropdown

  • Dropdown (multiple selection): Participant can choose multiple answers from the dropdown

  • Checkbox: Participant can check yes or no

  • File: Participant can upload a file (all files uploaded for a participant cannot be larger than 10MB total)

NOTE: if you would like to add a dollar amount to an option, you must use one of the two dropdown options. This dollar amount will be added to the player’s registration amount owed.

In addition, if you click ‘More Options’ under the question (bottom left), you will be able to add:

  • Privacy Settings

  • Allow Team Admins to View Answer

  • Link URL (link located below question)

  • Attachments (link to attachment below question) – great for documents

Once you have filled in the necessary fields, press ‘Save’.

3. Make Payment Easy

Another integral aspect of the online registration process is making it easy for players and parents to pay. TeamLinkt allows users to integrate payment processing with Stripe. Your youth sports organization can also set up a payment installment plan, so that players can pay their registration fees in multiple payments.

4. Customize Confirmation and Reminder Emails



After a participant registers for your youth sports organization through TeamLinkt, the platform automatically sends an email confirmation. You can tailor the confirmation email to contain important information such as the date, time, and location of games, as well as the equipment required for each game. Additionally, reminder push-notification and are automatically sent through the TeamLinkt app to remind players and parents of upcoming games, practices and events

5. Future-proof your Registration Process

Predict future needs; if a registration software can adequately cater to present needs, it should consider the future. Changes in data analytics, enhancements to integrated systems, and other upgrades will come with time. TeamLinkt’s registration software has extensive reporting to help predict future enrollment numbers with your youth sports organization.

6. Utilize TeamLinkt’s Support Staff

If you ever encounter any problems with TeamLinkt’s platform, their support staff is always available to help. You can receive assistance 12/7 from 8am-8pm. You can contact their support staff through a ‘Contact Us’ form on their website.

In conclusion, using TeamLinkt’s online registration platform is integral for successfully organizing a youth sports league. Before beginning registration, it is important to be aware of the essential checklist items to look out for. Understanding registration fees, using custom fields, making payment easy, customizing confirmation and reminder emails, and using the support staff can all help create a stress-free registration process. TeamLinkt is one of the top online registration platforms in the market with an outstanding reputation for their easy-to-use platform and exceptional customer service. By following outlined essential checklist for your youth sports registration with TeamLinkt, you can ensure a smooth, hassle-free online youth sports registration process.