Comparing Sports League Softwares

TeamSnap vs SportsEngine vs TeamLinkt

Which sports management software is the best fit for your league, association, club or organization?

Sports management software offers increased efficiency and organization for leagues, associations, clubs and schools. With many sports software’s available on the market it is important to make an informed decision on which software to use. Many softwares also require a payment up front prior to setting up, as well as monthly and yearly contracts. With budgeting being extremely important for organizations it is important to explore all options and look to cut costs wherever possible. In the sports league management software game there are many options to choose from, however there is a company out of Canada called TeamLinkt that is attempting to change the game and offer their products out for free. There is no catch or monthly fee, it is just a creative approach to a saturated market with the goal of saving sports organizations (and the participants within them) some money during the season. 

Compare and Contrast

As a free alternative to software’s such as TeamSnap and Sports Engine, TeamLinkt provides a similar featured sports league software platform, but under a completely free model. How is it completely free? TeamLinkt’s founders recognized the impact that team management apps had in helping sports teams organize and connect. The problem was that available apps charged teams for core features. With this in mind, TeamLinkt was introduced to compete head to head and through partnerships with local and national businesses who want to give back to their communities, TeamLinkt is able to deliver every premium feature and great support for free.

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Why are more league administrators choosing TeamLinkt?

Comparing the free, supported software to others on the market.  

TeamLinkt started with the mission of delivering a full-featured free team management app to youth, high school, and adult rec sports teams. Throughout its evolution it has led to offering a full-featured, free league management platform for leagues, associations, clubs, and schools powering their entire organization. TeamLinkt’s no-cost management tool enables leagues to set-up registration, generate schedules, manage league websites, administer event health waivers, communicate with team members, and much more. Plus, each team with the league, club, or association receives free, full access to TeamLinkt smartphones to live-stream, communicate and mark availability. This saves the organizations and teams thousands of dollars each year.  TeamLinkt is free now, and always will be!

TeamLinkt is growing quickly and helping thousands of leagues, associations, clubs, schools, and teams in cutting costs and having more efficient seasons.

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