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Eliminate software fees for your sports organization.

TeamLinkt offers a modern, easy-to-use registration, scheduling, website and communications platform.

RAMP vs TeamLinkt

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Why People Choose TeamLinkt over RAMP InterActive

Save Money

Quit paying for software that you can get for free. Organizations eliminate a yearly software fee, and teams don’t pay for the app. 

Elite Customer Support

We designate an account rep to help with setup and answer any questions that come up. 

Modern Websites & Interface

Enjoy a modern, easy to manage website through TeamLinkt. Plus, the back-end is easy for admins to update. 

Team App Included

Every team in your organization gets free access to the TeamLinkt team management app.

Organizations that switch from RAMP to TeamLinkt typically save an average of $4,100 per year.

RAMP vs TeamLinkt

RAMP Interactive
Up To $2000+/yr


Fees for Ramp vary based on organization size and features used.


Setup Fee ($500)


Website ($600/yr)


$1.50 Per Registrant Fee


$20/team for Team App


Officials/Referees ($300/yr)


Email Communication

No Monthly or Annual Fees


One Plan. All Features included.


No Setup Fee (plus we help!)


Website (Free, no ads)


$0.30 Per Registrant (Stripe)


Team App (Free, Full Features)


Officials/Referees (Free)


Message via Email & Push Notification


A Designated Account Rep for Support

Move to Ramp

Free Migration from RAMP

We know you’re busy, so let us help you out. When you move over to TeamLinkt, our team of designated account representatives will help migrate your website content, data, and whatever else is needed from your Ramp Account.

Customer Support that Actually Cares

Does it take days to get a reply back from Ramp? (If you get a reply at all)

TeamLinkt takes pride in offering the best customer service in the industry. We’re real people ready to help via phone, chat, screenshare meetings, and an awesome library of help resources.

customer support
team app

Modernize Your Organization & Reduce Admin Time

  • Provide all of your teams with the TeamLinkt App.
  • Give your website a refresh (without ads)
  • Improve communications to all members
    Including options to email or message with a push notification directly to the TeamLinkt App.
  • Simplified Back-End to save administrators time

Plus, all tech support is all handled by our team in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

View Your Estimated Savings

Reduce fees for add-on features and eliminate your annual software fee.

RAMP Interactive
sportsengine hq


One-Time Setup Fee




Website Fee




Registration Flat Rate

$1.50 per registrant

$0.30 (Stripe)

$1.20 per registrant

Credit Card Processing %


2.7% (Stripe)*


Team App

$20 per team


$20 per team

Official/Referee Module




Number of Registrants

Total Money Processed

Savings with TeamLinkt
















*Calculations above are based off of a $500 registration fee, and 10 members per team. Prices do not account for credit card processing fees.
*Calculation of savings is in CAD and includes processing rates, website fee, team app fee, officials fee, one-time setup fee and yearly software fee.
*TeamLinkt’s credit card processing rate is as low as 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction for non-profit organization. Unable to find Ramp’s processing rates, so the comparison does not include these rates.

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TeamLinkt provides the best in market Sports Management Platform and Team App.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported! 

Plus, we have no platform fees, so you can invest more time and money into growing your programs.

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