TeamSnap has a free alternative named TeamLinkt

The Pro Version of the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App is free for teams thanks to our network of community partners. To put it simply, we partner with local businesses that sponsor the TeamLinkt App for their entire community – so you can save money & have a better season!

In addition to giving our team management app out for free to teams, we also give away our league management software for free as well. With all the same features you are used to, plus a few more that we think you’ll love, the time to quit paying for team and league management tools is now.

Don’t believe us? Seem too good to be true? Check out our page explaining why it is free, as well as our comparison below to see how we stack up against the competitioin.

TeamSnap vs TeamLinkt – Team Management App Comparison

TeamLinkt is the leading free Sports Team Management App. This is possible by strategically establishing advertising partners across North America who are looking to gain exposure to their target audience. So everyone benefits – sports teams receive a pro-level team management app for free – and sports stores are able to give back to their loyal customers for shopping at their store.

TeamSnap vs TeamLinkt – League Management Tools Comparison

So as you can see from the comparison above, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between TeamSnap and TeamLinkt other than the price. With the growing fees associated with sports, now seems like the right time to cut extra unnecessary costs, which in some cases could mean switching league management software providers. 

Whether you are a league, club, association, school or any other group, the software works perfect for all of your needs. 

TeamSnap vs TeamLinkt: Overall Comparison

TeamLinkt and Team Snap are two very comparable apps.  Both apps feature roster, schedule, player availability, messaging, alerts, reminders, statistics and live-game updates.  TeamLinkt has a number of unique team features including polling, live video streaming and team fundraising.

 The major difference between the two apps is the price.   Team Snap charges teams $69 – $129 per season to unlock essential features like player availability, photo sharing, assignments, statistics and more.   TeamSnap also charges fees to eliminate intrusive advertisements on a per-user basis.  In addition, TeamSnap charges  leagues, associations, schools and clubs to use their app and league management tools across their entire organization.

On the other hand, TeamLinkt offers the Pro version of their app absolutely free to teams, leagues, associations and clubs.  This means there are no fees to use the app or any of the league management tools

Another major advantage for TeamLinkt is the opportunity for teams to fundraise in the app. Through the newly introduced TeamLinkt Marketplace, teams can earn back cash or credit to participating local businesses and sporting goods stores. So not only are you receiving the app for free, you are also earning money for your team.

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