In this Case Study we take a look at how Regina Youth Flag Football League utilized TeamLinkt, This change in software saved them both time and money. From starting with using TeamLinkt’s team management app to fully integrating several team processes, Regina Youth Flag Football League discusses how TeamLinkt changed their sport for the better. 


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Switching an entire league to a new platform for registration, scheduling and all team/league functions can be daunting for league and association organizers. It takes the proper software and thorough strategic planning to execute a season – and that’s where TeamLinkt can help. With the introduction of TeamLinkt’s sports organization management software, leagues have never operated more efficiently. Learn more about why more leagues are choosing TeamLinkt and how the staff are committed to providing the most value to users. 

Making the Switch 

In Spring 2019 Regina Youth Flag Football moved their league administration over to using the TeamLinkt software and have used it ever since. The rising cost of using competitor’s software made switching over to TeamLinkt an easy decision for Mike Thomas, League Convener of the RYFFL. Regina Youth Flag Football first tried out the TeamLinkt team management app with their 200+ teams for the first season. From there, after a positive experience with the app, they implemented the registration system. Subsequently, they had over 1,000 kids register without a hitch. This was a gateway to using additional features such as the schedule builder tool. What is unique about RYFFL is that they still use a third-party website, but TeamLinkt allows the ability to embed features such as standings, scores and schedule widgets with ease. As stated by Mike, the league administrator, “we are able to embed TeamLinkt extensions into our third party website. It is very possible to have this integration and it is not difficult at all. TeamLinkt essentially provided you with the embeddable verbiage and this link then shoots you over to your TeamLinkt content.” 

For RYFFL, TeamLinkt’s new features helped them solve many stressful processes associated with running a large league. 

Using a third-party program for their website where they easily link their TeamLinkt registration form is a testament to the flexibility of TeamLinkts features. Essentially, they can work with existing websites or alongside other systems. This was one of the many things that enticed them to choose TeamLinkt. In addition to flexibility, there are also no monthly or yearly fees to use our system, only a small registration percentage on credit card payments. As well, all teams received our team management app for free. In short, TeamLinkt saves money and helps a team run smoothly. 

Safety First 

Mike Thomas stated, “at first we were just utilizing TeamLinkt for team management & scheduling purposes, but after using it we realized it could handle more of our operations with some minor adjustments. The following year we added on more of our operations including standings, as well as the integration of 1,600 of our Fall registrants. We have kept adding on and it has worked flawlessly. The TeamLinkt development team was able to continue to be there to exceed our expectations.” In addition to using the registration feature, they capitalized on TeamLinkt’s event health waiver feature. The youth flag football club was able to create a health waiver that was completed by participants through the team management app. Helping the league adjust to COVID-19 protocols as best they could. 

These features give leagues and clubs complete oversight of every event. Data can be easily accessed and exported if necessary to share this information with a third party. TeamLinkt has made it their mission to provide the greatest support to their users.

“We have had close to upwards of 4,000 individuals go through the online registration with TeamLinkt. The process itself is very easy and user friendly. One that was commented on by many individuals.” 

Mike Thomas

Regina Youth Flag Football

Taking Advantage Of All the Features

Tracking Players & Spectators

Participants are able to share their attendance for each game, as well as agree to a health waiver form. This includes adding additional spectators at the arena. 

Online Registration

Collect registrant information and accept credit card and offline payments in minutes. 

Organizational Oversight

Leagues and associations are given complete oversight of every event. This includes knowing exactly who was at each event, as well as if they completed the health waiver form.


Once a health waiver form is created, it is automatically created for every event in the league. Participants also receive an automated reminder to complete the waiver form prior to every event.

Team Chat

The in-app team chat feature ensures streamlined communication and connectivity for all team members.

The Numbers Over The Years:


Registered Participants


Games Scheduled


Teams Using the App


By choosing TeamLinkt, Regina Youth Flag Football was able to simplify registration, ultize scheduling features, and integrate health waivers. This resulted in both time and money saved for this ever growing league.  

This is one of many testaments to how great TeamLinkt!  Are part of a league and want to save money? Contact us today!

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