It’s no secret that youth sports organizations require funding to support various activities and events, including the purchase of sports equipment, venue rentals, travel expenses and insurance. However, traditional fundraising tactics such as car washes, bake sales, and raffles can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and produce underwhelming results. Fortunately, advancements in technology have paved the way for innovative solutions like TeamLinkt’s all-in-one sports management platform to streamline the process. In this blog, we will explore youth sports organization fundraising basics, a guide for using TeamLinkt.

1. Popular Fundraising Ideas

Car washes, events, and raffles may have been the go-to fundraising ideas for years. Today, they have their limitations, especially in terms of participation and revenue generation. Some of the popular fundraising ideas that youth sports organizations can implement include:

  • Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding involves gathering donations from a large number of people. TeamLinkt fundraising has an option to set up a donation fundraiser in minutes! Once the fundraiser is set up, a link is generated and sent out to everyone connected to the organization via TeamLinkt’s free app. This method is effective because it can reach a large audience, and donations can range from small to large amounts. In addition, all payments are made online with credit card via Stripe!
  • Item Sales: Selling items such as beef jerky, cookies, popcorn or anything else your youth sports organization will have success with.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Partnering with local businesses can bring in significant funding for sports organizations. In return, businesses can get exposure to the organization’s audience and potential customers.

2. How Technology Can Boost Participation and Donations:

Technology can significantly impact the success of a sports organization’s fundraising efforts. By utilizing TeamLinkt’s online platform, members can reach a broader audience, and transactions can be done seamlessly. Here are some ways that TeamLinkt can boost participation and donations:

  • Online Donations: TeamLinkt has an integrated feature for online donations, and it’s easy to set up. Members can create a fundraising campaign and share it via social media quickly and with ease.
  • Track Progress: Once your fundraiser is live, team members are auto notified and your youth sports organization can track the progress of your fundraiser (and the leaderboard!) in the TeamLinkt app. When a donor makes a purchase, the money is instantly sent to your Stripe account so you don’t have to worry about recording any transactions in a spreadsheet.

  • Simplified Payment Collection: Collect payment and store your money online in one secure place. By connecting a Stripe account, you can sell online to out of town friends and family. With online payments, you will also be able to get a live up-to-date view of how your fundraiser is performing. In addition, there is no need for cash, checks or tracking payments.
  • Start Fundraising Faster: Ready-to-Go Fundraisers can be set up & live in as little as 10 minutes!
  • Event Roster and Messaging: By using the messaging feature on TeamLinkt’s free app, sports organizations can send reminders and updates to members about fundraising events and keep everyone engaged and excited to raise money.


TeamLinkt Fundraiser Options:


Item Sales

Already have a fundraiser planned to sell your own items? Use the ‘Item Sale’ fundraiser to organize the sale and delivery of things like meat, chocolates, cookie dough, or whatever else!

TeamLinkt Ready-To-Go Fundraisers

TeamLinkt’s Ready-to-Go fundraisers make selling even easier with partner companies fulfilling orders. Simply choose a fundraiser from their growing list of partners and start selling.

Event Tickets

This type of fundraiser is perfect for selling tickets to events like a steak night, comedian, golf tournament etc.

Collect Donations

There is also an option in TeamLinkt’s system to allow people to make direct donations to your team or organization!

TeamLinkt Rewards

TeamLinkt has partnered with FlipGive, a certified Beneficial Corporation (B-Corp), to offer cashback rewards from 800+ brands you know and love. That means whenever you shop online and in-store, you’re also lowering the cost of play.

Making your Fundraiser Live:

Once your TeamLinkt fundraiser is published, team members can view the fundraiser in the app and open the purchase page or get the ‘share link’ to send to friends and family.

TeamLinkt highly encourages organizations to share out your Fundraiser’s link via email, on social media, and directly with friends and family.





3. Tips for Successful Fundraising:

Fundraising can be challenging, even for the most experienced youth sports organizations. Here are some tips for creating successful fundraising campaigns:

Set Realistic Goals and Plan Ahead: Setting achievable goals and planning ahead can ensure the success of a campaign.
Leverage Technology: Utilizing TeamLinkt’s online platforms and technology can streamline the process and reach a broader audience.
Get Creative with Fundraising Ideas: Incorporating unique fundraising ideas can generate excitement and increase participation.
Appreciate Supporters: Showing gratitude and appreciation to supporters can help foster a positive relationship and encourage continued donations.

4. Sponsorship

Finally, teams can maximize their fundraising efforts by partnering with local businesses and companies in exchange for sponsorships. TeamLinkt makes this process more efficient, allowing teams to quickly create sponsorship packages with competitive pricing. Teams can connect with approved sponsors through the platform, making it easy to strike up partnerships that could help fund their efforts for the season. This enables your youth sports organization to unlock sponsor placements across your TeamLinkt management app, your registration pages, and your website.





As this blog has demonstrated, youth sports organization fundraising with TeamLinkt is easy, effective and innovative! Fundraising can require a significant amount of planning and effort, but it’s essential to ensure that youth sports teams have access to the resources they need. Traditional methods like car washes and bake sales are still effective but usually have underwhelming results. Digital solutions like TeamLinkt can help streamline and enhance the fundraising process for your youth sports organization. From crowdfunding campaigns, item sales, and ready-to-go-fundraisers to sponsorship packages, TeamLinkt’s platform offers a wealth of tools to help youth sports organizations succeed. With TeamLinkt’s comprehensive fundraising tools, youth sports fundraising can be a fun, successful and rewarding experience for everyone involved!