In the competitive landscape of sports fundraising, the Pasadena Girls Softball Association (PGSA) faced the common challenge of raising funds efficiently and engaging their community effectively. Seeking a modern solution, PGSA partnered with TeamLinkt, a revolutionary platform designed to streamline and enhance the fundraising process. This case study delves into how PGSA worked at reducing registration fees through fundraising with TeamLinkt. In addition to detailing their initial situation and strategies implemented, we will discuss the remarkable outcomes achieved with the aid of TeamLinkt.

The Pasadena Girls Softball Association, a passionate community of young athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters, aimed to secure funds for vital resources such as uniforms, equipment, and field improvements. Their previous fundraising efforts were often labor-intensive, with limited engagement and sporadic results.


Initial Fundraising Situation:

Before implementing TeamLinkt, PGSA’s fundraising efforts were constrained by traditional methods that required significant manual effort. Hence, their challenges included:

  • Limited Outreach: Relying on local events and word-of-mouth limited their ability to engage a broader audience.
  • Administrative Burden: Coordinating events, tracking donations, and managing funds consumed substantial time and resources.
  • Donor Engagement: The absence of an efficient communication channel made it challenging to keep donors updated and engaged with the team’s progress.


Strategies Adopted to Reduce Fees:

PGSA harnessed the power of TeamLinkt’s fundraising platform to revolutionize their approach:

  1. Online Campaign Creation: PGSA created a compelling online campaign on the TeamLinkt platform, showcasing their team’s goals and needs.
  2. Multichannel Outreach: Utilizing social media, email, and SMS, they expanded their reach beyond local circles.
  3. Real-time Updates: Regular updates and progress reports kept donors engaged, demonstrating the direct impact of their contributions.


Fundraising Outcomes Achieved:

Therefore, the adoption of TeamLinkt’s platform brought about remarkable transformations in PGSA’s fundraising efforts:

  1. Expanded Reach: The online platform enabled PGSA to connect with a broader audience, reaching beyond their immediate community.
  2. Streamlined Administration: Automated donation tracking and streamlined event management drastically reduced administrative burdens.
  3. Heightened Engagement: Real-time updates and progress reports fostered a sense of involvement, leading to increased donor engagement.

“As a parent, I appreciated being able to follow our team’s progress and see how my contribution directly impacted the girls. We also were given a link to share to promote the fundraiser, which made collecting donations a lot easier. TeamLinkt made me feel more connected to the team’s journey.” – Parent, PGSA

Pictured are the PGSA 10U Gold All Stars, who raised nearly $6,000 through TeamLinkt Fundraising and took home the championship.


The partnership between the Pasadena Girls Softball Association and TeamLinkt stands as a testament to the power of innovation in sports fundraising. As a result of embracing TeamLinkt’s platform, PGSA worked at reducing registration fees through fundraising. Thus, transitioning from labor-intensive methods to a modern, streamlined approach. Furthermore, this empowered them to engage their community effectively and achieve outstanding fundraising results. As sports coaches and managers seek efficient solutions for their fundraising needs, the PGSA case study demonstrates the potential for transformative impact that lies within the integration of advanced fundraising tools like TeamLinkt.

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