“TeamLinkt’s platform streamlined our team processes and made our Jack Link’s fundraiser a huge success.

Every aspect from ordering to fulfillment was seamless and efficient”  – Kelsey, Team Manager

Setup Time


Dollar Raised

The Fundraiser Challenge

The challenge for the Sisson Auto Oilers was twofold: finding a unique fundraising opportunity to combat small towns’ fundraising fatigue and streamlining the fundraising process to minimize the administrative burden. To raise funds for extra ice times, wind-ups, and hotel stays, Kelsey sought a solution that would allow her to manage the campaign efficiently from home without the need for extensive coordination or communication and she found that in TeamLinkt. 

Now, with TeamLinkt Online Fundraisers, teams get everything they need to run a successful fundraiser, all in one place!

The Solution

 TeamLinkt’s fundraising platform provided the perfect solution for Sisson Auto Oilers. Since the Oilers have been using TeamLinkt’s team app for schedule for the past 6 years, it was an easy yes for them to partner with TeamLinkt’s Ready-to-Go fundraisers and Jack Link’s to launch their fundraising campaign with ease.The platform allowed Kelsey to manage orders, track sales, and communicate with participants seamlessly. With the fulfillment process handled efficiently by Jack Link’s, everything from packaging to distribution was hassle-free. 

For Ready-to-Go fundraisers, TeamLinkt partners with businesses across Canada to provide sports organizations with products to sell. Teams make money per item sold and the businesses handle the fulfillment of the products. All the teams have to do is choose from a growing list of partners and start selling.

In just under 5 minutes, teams can launch their fundraising campaign – truly the easiest way to raise money!


The Results

The streamlined experience enabled Sisson Auto Oilers to raise over $3,600 and exceed their fundraising goal of $3,000!

The partnership between Sisson Auto Oilers, TeamLinkt and Jack Link’s proved to be a resounding success. The feedback from parents and supporters was overwhelmingly positive, citing the convenience of the online platform and the ease of sharing the fundraising link. Overall, partnering with TeamLinkt was a testament to the power of innovative fundraising solutions in revitalizing community engagement and achieving fundraising goals with efficiency and ease.


Teams can set up a fundraiser right from the TeamLinkt mobile app. Club-wide fundraisers are set up from the Club’s TeamLinkt Account.


1. Choose your fundraiser type: Raffles, item sales, events & Ready-to-Go fundraisers.

2. Set Up The Details: This includes your fundraiser dates, your fundraising goal, info on what you’re selling, etc. It should take around 5 minutes!

3. Publish & Share: Once you publish the fundraiser, your whole team is notified. From there, the coach should encourage each player to share the link to the fundraiser landing page.

4. Track Progress: From the TeamLinkt app, you’ll see how much has been sold and who is selling the most!

5. Post-Fundraiser: Receive your team’s money from the fundraiser either via cheque or directly in your team’s Stripe Account.

If you’re wanting an easier way to raise money for your team, check out this video to see just how easy it is to set up and launch your next fundraiser with TeamLinkt.

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