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We are moving to TeamLinkt! This season, each team will be set up with the TeamLinkt team app to use. The app has features to keep your team organized, and any communication sent from us will go directly to the app.


Important Note To Share To Make Your Life Easier / Reduce Technical Support / Frustrated Parents & Players

We will be creating every team this season for you. This is to ensure that teams are created under [ORGANIZATION NAME]‘s umbrella so you get messages from us, schedules sync, etc. Do not create your own team for [ORGANIZATION NAME] – your team will be created for you.

If you create your own team, it will not be part of our [ORGANIZATION NAME] account.

With that being said, you are welcome to create as many additional teams outside of [ORGANIZATION NAME] as you’d!

If you’re using TeamLinkt for Online Registration…

We will be using TeamLinkt’s online registration system for registering athletes and collecting payments. After registration, you will also be placed on a team using the same email(s) you registered with.


If you’re using TeamLinkt Scheduling…

Once our schedule is published, it will automatically be entered in the TeamLinkt app for your team. Any changes made to that schedule are sync’d and will automatically update in the app. There is also a push notification sent any time the schedule changes.


About TeamLinkt (Why it’s free)

One of the reasons we switched to TeamLinkt is because we are able to provide all teams with the TeamLinkt app. The app includes every feature and it is free to use.

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About The TeamLinkt Team App (with FAQs)

TeamLinkt’s Pricing Model / Why It’s free

Help Resources

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About The TeamLinkt Team App (with FAQs)

TeamLinkt’s Pricing Model / Why It’s free

Help Resources

About Us

TeamLinkt provides the best in market Sports Management Platform and Team App.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported! 

Plus, we have no platform fees, so you can invest more time and money into growing your programs.

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