Soccer Club Management Software 

All the tools you need to run your soccer club. Website, Registration, Schedule Builder, Communication Tools & Team Management App all in one platform. 


The complete all-in-one solution for managing soccer Clubs


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Make it easy for players and teams to join your soccer club or association with online and offline registration!

It takes minutes to set up and you’re in complete control.  Simply create your form, customize your questions, set up fees, and start taking credit card payments in just minutes!

* TeamLinkt does not charge additional fees for online registration.  Only standard Stripe rates apply.

Club Website

When you sign up we’ll auto-generate a modern, mobile-friendly Soccer club or league website for you!  You’ll be able to add and edit pages with our simple-to-use sports website builder and have a great-looking website in minutes!

If you already have a club or league website, you can embed our schedule, score, and standings widgets right onto your website.

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Communication Tools

You’re in complete control with our soccer club and league messaging & communication tools!

Connect with players, parents, and coaches via email & push notification (direct to the TeamLinkt Team Management App).

Send messages to specific members, teams, or to the entire club, all from one place. You can easily filter your list of contacts so you’re sending the right message to the right people.

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TeamLinkt Team Management App

Soccer Team Management App

Your soccer teams get full access to the TeamLinkt Team Management App – enabling them to share rosters, schedules, set player availability, receive reminders, chat, share photos, live stream and more.   

If you already have a league platform, you can sign-up to use the TeamLinkt Team App as an add-on to your existing system.


Why is Teamlinkt free?

There has been a steady decline in youth sports participation. The number one cause is the lack of funding for leagues, clubs, and associations. 


32% of households making less than $50,000 per year said costs make it difficult for their kids to participate in sports. 


63% of youth sports organizations report that their funds are either stagnant or decreased in recent years. 


There is a 30% gap in participation between low-income and medium to high-income families

TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce the cost to participate in sports by eliminating software fees for teams, leagues, clubs, and associations. Making sports more accessible for athletes and families across the world. 

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