Comparison of Online and Offline Payments for Youth Sports Organization Registration | TeamLinkt

Comparison of Online and Offline Payments for Youth Sports Organization Registration | TeamLinkt

As a youth sports administrator, you know better than anyone how tough it can be to keep your organization running. There are countless details to manage, from schedules to equipment to scores. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the job, however, is registering participants and collecting payments. In the past, the only way to accept registration fees was to do so in person. However, with advancements in technology, youth sports management platforms such as TeamLinkt, offer online registration and payment options. Let’s explore a comparison of online and offline payments for youth sports organization registration: convenience, security, and cost.

Online vs Offline Payments for Youth Sports Registration in TeamLinkt

With registration forms you’ll be able to select whether you want to receive payments online, through offline methods, or a combination of the two.

Online Registration Payments:

Registrants pay via credit card to complete your registration form.

Standard credit card processing fees are applied to this payment. These rates can be found under Registration > Banking Transactions > Banking Information.

Option 1: Pay Now

The Pay now option requires payment at the time of registration

Option 2: Pay Later

This option allows the youth sports organization to request payment at a later date by sending an email to all unpaid participants



In order to accept online payments, a Stripe Account must be connected to your TeamLinkt account. This is how you will receive payment, manage refunds, etc.


Offline Registration Payments:

Registrants will be able to complete the form and the league or association collected payment via offline methods (cash, cheque, etc). These payments need to be collected and recorded manually in the system.

Here are the Benefits of Online and Offline Payments for Youth Sports Registration

1. Convenience of Online Payments

Online payments are convenient for both the youth sports administrators and the participants. Participants can register and pay from the comfort of their own homes, without having to spend time travelling to the registration office, sending transfers, etc. Sports administrators can collect payments without having to handle cash or cheques. You can also view registration and payment history online. In contrast, offline payments require the sports organization to create a registration form, handle the paperwork, wait on participants to hand over the cheque. As well as spend time organizing and tracking all of the payments.

87% of registrants choose online when given the option, helping you grow your registration numbers!


2. Security of Online Payments During Registration

Online payments are more secure than offline payments because they utilize encryption technology to protect sensitive information, such as credit card details. Online payment providers must comply with security standards, ensuring that online payments are very safe. In contrast, cheques and cash have the potential of being lost or stolen, creating a potential headache for youth sports organizations.

3. Cost

Online payments can be cheaper than offline payments, They eliminate the need for physical transaction costs, such as printing and postage expenses for paper-based registrations. Payment processing fees are usually a percentage of the payment received, but through TeamLinkt sports organizations can pass the fee on to the participant, reducing the financial burden on the youth sports organization. Online payments save time for sports administrators, which can ultimately result in more revenue for the organization.

TeamLinkt also allows youth sports organizations to set up their online registration to offer early bird discounts and payment plans to help parents save money, and budget for their children’s sports. This can ultimately increase registration numbers!

4. Integration with the Online Youth Sports Ecosystem

Payments made through online registration websites such as TeamLinkt, can help youth sports organizations manage their operations more efficiently. The sports organization can manage all of these operations, from scheduling and communications to registration and payment processing, in TeamLinkt’s all-in-one sports management platform. Integrating the online payment process into this ecosystem can save sports organizations time and improve the overall experience for parents and participants.

5. Accessibility of Both Online and Offline Payments for Youth Sports Registration

Offline payments can be a better option for some participants who are not familiar or comfortable with technology. These individuals may prefer to pay via cash or cheque rather than going through an online payment portal. In order to accommodate such individuals, sports administrators may need to provide alternative payment options that cater to these needs.

When setting up online registration, youth sports organizations are able to select whether they want to receive payments online, through offline methods, or a combination of the two.


In this blog, we have outlined a comparison of online and offline payments for youth sports organization registration: convenience, security, and cost. Online payments can provide a lot of benefits to sports organizations including convenience, security, cost reduction, and integration with the online ecosystem. However, sports administrators must also consider the accessibility factors of all participants involved. Offline payments still have a significant role to play in the sports registration industry but online payments are rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity. By using TeamLinkt’s technology and understanding the unique needs of your participants, you can provide the best possible user experience for everyone involved!

The Top 5 Benefits of Using TeamLinkt for Your Minor Hockey Association

The Top 5 Benefits of Using TeamLinkt for Your Minor Hockey Association

For sports administrators, managing a minor hockey association can be a daunting, time-consuming task. From organizing games and practice schedules to communicating with players and parents, there’s a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, there are tools available to make the process smoother. One one of best tools available is TeamLinkt’s all-in-one sports management platform. TeamLinkt is designed specifically for amateur sports leagues and organizations to simplify their processes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 benefits of using TeamLinkt for your minor hockey association .

1. Simplifies Communication

One of the most significant challenges of managing a minor hockey association is keeping everyone informed. TeamLinkt’s free team app provides an easy way for all association members to communicate with each other by allowing seamless communication channels between players, parents, coaches and administrators. This enables real-time assessment of team performance, tracking of player attendance, and event schedules. TeamLinkt’s platform enables the league management to stay in constant communication with all team members, ensuring maximum participation and maximum learning for the hockey players.

TeamLinkt also sends out automated push-notifications for event reminders and schedule changes so everyone is informed and up to date. Coaches can also send messages to team members and parents, and receive messages in return. It’s a one-stop-shop for all communication.

TeamLinkt’s free app also allows minor hockey associations to send out league wide push notifications to communicate with all of its members at the same time. This is especially time saving in the case of registration date announcements, sudden changes to schedules, cancellations or to promote news and team and/or athlete accomplishments.

2. Easy Roster Management

Keeping track of players can quickly become overwhelming. With TeamLinkt, coaches, managers, and parents are able to assess the performance and growth of their teams and players. TeamLinkt’s platform comes with pre-built tools for statistics recording, analysis and data visualization. The data obtained through these tools enables the measurement of player and team progress, helping managers and coaches make informed decisions. With TeamLinkt, team players can receive feedback and critiques on their performance and understand how to improve their hockey gameplay. This ultimately helps the association and players achieve their goals!

Your minor hockey organization can easily manage your organization team’s rosters. Players can update their information themselves, and you can quickly see who is available for upcoming games. Additionally, you can keep track of player stats, making it easy for coaches to see who’s performing well and who needs improvement.



3. Streamlines Registration

Registering players and managing player details can be a daunting task for hockey association administrators, consuming much of their valuable time. TeamLinkt’s sports management software simplifies the registration process and automates it. Through TeamLinkt’s platform, players and their parents can register from anywhere, at any time, eliminating long queues and waiting times. Additionally, minor hockey league administrators can store player profiles, update them, and check registration status in real-time. This not only makes it easier for players and their parents but enhances the league’s credibility and efficiency.

Through TeamLinkt, parents are able to register their children online using a credit card through Stripe. Minor hockey associations can even set-up payment plans to allow registrants to pay in instalments, making registration more affordable for all hockey families!

4. Helps with Fundraising and Sponsorship

Most minor hockey associations rely on fundraising and sponsorships to keep their organization running smoothly. TeamLinkt makes it easy to manage this process. TeamLinkt has a fundraising feature that is easy to set up and allows members to share fundraising opportunities with community members, making it easy for them to contribute. Additionally, you can use TeamLinkt’s free app to attract sponsors by featuring them on your team’s homepage.

5. Provides a sense of community

Lastly, TeamLinkt helps build a sense of community amongst your team members, parents, players and coachers. TeamLinkt’s free team app allows players and parents to connect with one another and share photos and updates. This builds team camaraderie and promotes a positive team culture. TeamLinkt allows your minor hockey association to create a sense of community with features such as photo and video sharing of games and events, live scoring,  group chats, and the online fundraising feature – with the ability to share on social media.

In conclusion, using TeamLinkt for your minor hockey association offers a multitude of benefits. We’ve explored the top 5 benefits of using TeamLinkt for your minor hockey association – from simplifying communication and streamlining game management to helping with fundraising and promoting team unity, TeamLinkt is an essential tool for any sports administrator. Give it a try and see the impact it can make on your minor hockey league!

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