HCR 3.0 and TeamLinkt

HCR 3.0 and TeamLinkt

How to seamlessly set up your teams with the TeamLinkt app after using the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0).

HCR 3.0 is Hockey Canada’s system for registering participants. Although TeamLinkt also offers a system for registering participants that can be exported and submitted to Hockey Canada, this article will explain how the HCR 3.0 system and TeamLinkt can work alongside each other to simplify communication and increase organization during the season.

Step 1: Register your players

Regardless of using TeamLinkt or HCR 3.0, the first step will be to register your hockey organization’s participants.

If you are using HCR 3.0 to register your players, they will end up being exported from that system and imported into TeamLinkt. This is a very easy process, don’t worry!


Step 2: Export your rosters out of HCR 3.0

Once your registration is complete, you will then be ready to set up in TeamLinkt. To do this, the first step is to export your registration data out of HCR and get it into a spreadsheet. As long as this data includes at least one email per player, that is all that is needed to set up the TeamLinkt app.


Step 3: Import data into TeamLinkt

This is where the magic happens. During this process, you will take your exported data from step two and import it into TeamLinkt. Typically, this process will take about an hour – but after that you will be set up for the rest of the season!


Want to save some time? Send your data to your TeamLinkt account rep and have us import it for you! We know as a volunteer you are busy, so we offer to do this for free for you!

Step 4: Invite Your Teams to the App! 

Once you have your data imported, with the click of a button you can invite teams to join the TeamLinkt app! This will send them an email invite to download the app and join their team.

And that’s it!

Once your teams have been invited in step 4, they will manage themselves from the app to handle their own team’s communication, schedules, etc.

    Why Set Up TeamLinkt? 

    However, as the organization’s admin you also have the option to:

    • Add/Edit team’s schedules: this will include an instant push notification any time there is a schedule change to inform the team
    • Communicate with your teams: type out a message and send it to specific teams or broadcast a message to all teams! This message includes a push notification right to the participant’s phone.
    • Collect Scores: If you are a league and you add in your league schedule to TeamLinkt, teams will be able to submit you the scores of their games
    • Use the other TeamLinkt tools: these include online registration, managing your website, building a schedule and more!

    Are you looking to set up your hockey organization with TeamLinkt?

    Saskatoon Minor Hockey Registration

    We are very excited to be powering online registration for Saskatoon Minor Hockey for the 2022-2023 season!

    In addition to Saskatoon Minor hockey and their 8 zones, we are also powering registration for Warman Minor Hockey, Martensville Minor Hockey, Clavet Minor Hockey and Delisle Minor Hockey. 

    After three seasons of SMHA & area teams using the TeamLinkt mobile app, we are very excited to also have each player registering through the TeamLinkt registration portal. This change was made to streamline the team assignment process, simplify the collection of payments and information, and also to reduce fees for each association. By switching to TeamLinkt, each zone and association was able to save money on software fees they were paying on their previous platform. 

    With TeamLinkt, each zone gets a revamped website and access to TeamLinkt’s full suite of tools. In addition, each team continues to have free access to the full featured TeamLinkt app. 

    Check Out Each Association’s Website Below

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