When you create your league, association or school with TeamLinkt you receive a customizable website for free. Administrators are free to add and edit the content on the website with the easy to use content management system. This means there you can launch and update a professional looking website with zero coding knowledge!

We have added some new add-ons to our league websites to help with communication and organization.


These new league website features include:


Post a News Article

These blog-style news posts are perfect for sharing information to your league. Each post includes it’s own unique URL, so it can be shared on social media, emails and more. For more on posting a news article, click here.


Display League Sponsors

You can now display league sponsors on your home page, as well as any other page on your website. You simply upload the sponsor’s logo and it is added to the sponsor banner on the website.


Share Photos

Create an album and share photos from your league on your website. These photos are available for all to view, so it can be a great way to share team accomplishments, highlight players and more.


Weather Widget

Many outdoor sports, like football, baseball and soccer, rely on the weather for games. You can now display your league’s weather forecast on your website. This weather widget is available on the home page of the website.


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