TeamLinkt has added a new feature for our league, association, school and club accounts! For users taking advantage of their free league website through TeamLinkt, there is now the ability to post news articles on the website. These blog style posts are perfect for sharing important information, and each post includes it’s own link that can be included in a league-wide message, social media post, email newsletter and more.


The News Widget is where all news articles will be housed. This widget, by default, is included on the league homepage, but can also be added to any additional page on your website. Messages can also be saved as drafts, allowing the user to write a message and save it as a draft. Once a drafted message is ready to go live, simply flip the message from Draft to Active and it will appear on the website.


How to Post A News Article:

From Your TeamLinkt League/Association Account:

  1. Hover your cursor over Manage SiteAdd-ons, then press News
  2. Press Create
  3. Enter the subject, summary, message and press Create

Your article will now appear under the News section of your website


The TeamLinkt League Management Software is growing in features, so stay tuned for the next exciting update!