In this blog post, we’ll explore how youth sports organizations can utilize modern technology for fundraising. We’ll cover various tools within TeamLinkt’s free sports management app that can help streamline the fundraising process, improve communication with members and sponsors, and ultimately bring in more money for your youth sports organization.

Youth sports organizations rely heavily on fundraising to fund their programs. Fundraising is an essential part of keeping youth sports programs running, and in this modern age, there are many ways organizations can use technology to make fundraising easier and more effective. TeamLinkt’s free sports management app offers an innovative way for youth sports organizations to easily and effectively fundraise. By using TeamLinkt, youth sports organizations can tap into modern technology – creating seamless fundraisers in minutes, collecting payments online and raising more money!


1. Utilizing TeamLinkt’s Mobile App

TeamLinkt’s free mobile app makes fundraising easier for both organizations and their supporters. TeamLinkt allows youth sports organizations to easily create fundraising campaigns and accept payments from their supporters. Youth sports administrators can even track progress towards fundraising goals in the app. Purchases can be made directly through the TeamLinkt app using a credit card. This convenience makes it easier for supporters to contribute, and for youth sports organizations to track their fundraising goals and progress. Push notifications can be sent out to all members of your youth sports organization to notify them of the fundraisers, share updates and keep everyone informed.

2. Online Payments

TeamLinkt’s fundraising platform allows buyers to purchase tickets online via Stripe. The payments are then deposited directly into the youth sports organizations bank account.  This payment platform offers fast and secure ways for organizations to receive funds and donations from supporters. This makes it easier to track and manage money. With online payments, supporters can purchase or donate quickly and easily using their smartphones. Organizers can then track their fundraisers progress!

3. Using Social Media

TeamLinkt’s fundraisers can also be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This offers a free and powerful way to promote fundraising campaigns and engage with potential purchasers, donors and sponsors. Youth sports administrators, as well as all members within the organization, will receive a link to a modern auto-created social media post. This link can then be easily be shared on social media platforms.

4. Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorships can be a significant source of funding for youth sports organizations. In addition to providing monetary support, corporate partners can help promote fundraising campaigns and reach a broader audience. Sport organizations can attract corporate partners by offering marketing opportunities such as sponsorships, advertising space at their events, and other promotional tactics. Sponsors and advertisers can be showcased in the TeamLinkt app! 

5. Variety of Fundraiser’s Offered

TeamLinkt has several fundraising options to chose from. These include item sales, event ticket sales, raffles (where legally allowed), and even ready-to-go fundraisers from partnered suppliers. This makes selling even easier with partner companies fulfilling your orders. Youth sports organizations can simply choose a fundraiser from their growing list of partners and start selling their items in minutes!

TeamLinkt also has an option to accept donations from supporters. Organization members can encourage donations by sharing their fundraising goals through the TeamLinkt app. This highlights the impact that these donations will have on their season and organization.

Here are some great tips on fundraising for youth sports organizations:


In conclusion, fundraising has never been easier thanks to modern technology. By using TeamLinkt’s free mobile app youth sports organizations can reach a wider audience and raise more funds than ever before by accepting online payments, sharing on social media and gaining corporate sponsorships. Embracing TeamLinkt’s technology, will allow youth sports organizations to focus on what they do best: providing youth sports programs that promote teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of competition. Don’t let old-fashioned fundraising methods hold your organization back – embrace the future by leveraging TeamLink’s powerful fundraising tools!