Do you sell team apparel through Order My Gear?  Are you frustrated with building stores that don’t get traffic?  Do you want to put your OMG stores at the fingertips of players & parents – and drive more sales?

TeamLinkt is excited to announce its relationship & integration with Order My Gear (OMG).   TeamLinkt Partners that sell through Order My Gear can now seamlessly promote and drive apparel sales via the TeamLinkt App!

Here’s how it works:

  1. OMG feeds us your store data.
  2. From the TeamLinkt App, your sponsored teams can access their stores and shop.
  3. We even send push notifications to remind team members of closing dates so they can get their orders in!

If you’re a current TeamLinkt Partner – contact your OMG Success Rep, let them know you’re a TeamLinkt Partner, and they’ll add your stores to our feed.  That’s it!

If you currently sell through OMG and want to drive more sales, reach out to us for more information on becoming a TeamLinkt Community Partner.