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User Score Submitting

Simplify & Automate your score collecting process this season. 

team score submitting

Score Collection Made Easy



Players use the app to submit scores after the game


Scores automatically update on your website!


League admins can make changes if needed.

League and Team Admins

Allow your league members to self-report their scores

After a game, teams simply enter the score, click submit, and the score automatically updates the standings and scores on your website.

“The absolute best web platform and support out there for league management. I’d recommend it 11 times out of 10. “

David Gauthier
President, Salem Beverly Baseball

User Score Submitting

Key Features

  • Easily toggle feature on or off.
  • Players use the team management app to submit scores for league games.

  • Scores and standings automatically update on your website once scores are submitted.

  • Scores can be submitted by teams through the web or in the mobile app
  • League admins can overwrite submitted scores if needed.
  • Save hours of time collecting and entering scores by simplifying the process.

  • Works for a large variety of sports

Score Submitting FAQ’s

How does it work?

After a game is complete, teams are eligible to submit scores to their league right from the team management app. From there, it automatically updates the scores & standings on your website. 

What if an incorrect score is submitted?

League admins have the ability to log into their account and edit any incorrect scores if needed. This overwrites the previous score submitted. 

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