TeamLinkt: The Ultimate Choice for Minor Hockey Associations

TeamLinkt: The Ultimate Choice for Minor Hockey Associations

Feb 12, 2024

As the world of youth hockey continues to evolve, minor hockey associations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance player development, and elevate the overall experience for athletes, coaches, and parents alike. Amidst a myriad of options, one platform stands out: TeamLinkt is the ultimate choice for minor hockey associations. Renowned for its comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for minor hockey associations, TeamLinkt revolutionizes the way hockey teams are managed and connected. From efficient registration, communication tools, seamless scheduling and beyond, TeamLinkt empowers minor hockey associations to excel both on and off the ice. In this blog, we'll delve into the many benefits that make TeamLinkt the unrivaled solution for minor hockey management.

Why Minor Hockey Associations Choose TeamLinkt

TeamLinkt's all-in-one sports management platforms allows minor hockey associations to complete all administrative tasks in one centralized platform.

  • All the features, without the fees. Core features are included with no monthly or annual fee

  • Built for Hockey. Hockey-specific practice scheduler, digital gamesheets, and a seamless integration with Hockey Canada & USA Hockey

  • 12/7 Help. TeamLinkt provides 12-hour, 7-days a week support with typical response times under 1-hour. Their team is dedicated to supporting your minor hockey association operate as smooth as possible

Outlined below are the tools TeamLinkt offers to enable your minor hockey associations to effectively manage your organization and achieve success:


TeamLinkt has an easy-to-use registration process, allowing minor hockey associations to build a registration form in minutes, not hours!

Reduce Registration Costs - TeamLinkt offers the lowest registration rates in market so you can reduce the cost of your registration.

  • No Platform Fees

  • Low Online Registration Rates

  • No Online or Offline Per Player Fee

  • Zero Contracts

Build Custom Registration Forms - Your minor hockey association can create your own online hockey registration form with custom questions and go live without having to wait for an account rep to help you!

  • Create a form that is customized to your organization's specific needs

  • Build and launch forms by yourself without having to wait for a rep

  • Accept flexible payment options like offline payments, credit card, and installments

Simplified Reporting - Easily manage and sort all your player, parent, & coaches data after registration.

  • Easily Assign Players

  • Run Instant Registration Reports

  • Create Custom Reports

  • Communicate with your Registrants

12-7 Customer Support - Get support when you need it! TeamLinkt's team is available to help via phone, live chat, screen share, and an extensive library of helpful resources.

  • Dedicated Account Reps

  • Live Chat & Email

  • Helpdesk & Academy

  • Direct Parent and Athlete Support



TeamLinkt has created the industry’s first AI Powered Hockey Scheduler!  Your minor hockey association can add or import events, generate game schedules, and schedule your practices with their hockey-specific practice scheduler tool. As a result, using TeamLinkt simplifies the scheduling process and makes it easy for minor hockey administrators to manage all aspects of the organization. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and powerful features, TeamLinkt is an excellent choice for any minor hockey associations looking to streamline their scheduling tasks.

Team App

With TeamLinkt, your minor hockey association provides each team with the best-in-market sports management app! Your hockey teams will love you for this. What's more, all app features are included for FREE! Some of these features include:

Roster - Add your roster and centralize contacts

Schedule - Access your schedule & automate reminders

Availability - Know who's coming to every event

Chat & Photos - Chat, email, share photos and even poll your teamLive Scoring - in real time! 


In addition, TeamLinkt provides your minor hockey association with a modern website. Their easy to use drag & drop website builder is hands down the easiest website builder in market!TeamLinkt’s Website Builder comes with a user-friendly interface that makes website building a breeze. Your administrators don’t need any coding experience to use it. All you need to do is create an account, choose a website template, and start customizing it with colors, logos, and images. In addition, the website builder allows your minor hockey association to add and delete pages, change layouts, and add widgets to your pages with ease.

  • NEW: AI Powered content

  • No experience needed

  • Multiple templates

  • News, sponsor, photo widgets

  • Connect your own domain name

TeamLinkt’s Website Builder comes with a suite of sports management features that enable you to manage your teams, schedules, and rosters. With these features, you can create and manage teams, schedule games and practices, and build and share rosters with ease. Above all, you can streamline your minor hockey's operations and keep your organization members engaged.


Rostering your teams has never been easier! With Teamlnkt, your minor hockey association can simply drag & drop players to the correct team by using their information collected during registration.

  • Full Team Oversight - view contact information, team assignments, registration and payment status for every team member

  • Build Teams - make teams, send instant notifications and make real time updates

  • Import & Export - Import data for easy roster creation and export data if needed. Additionally, you can keep track of your rosters, view and gather player data, streamline team administrative work and much more all within the team management app!

Stats & Scores

Your minor hockey association will also be able to enter scores and/or stats that are displayed on your website. Additionally, teams can optionally submit their game scores from the app. Every team will also have access to a game match-up feature to learn about their competition and to create excitement and engagement around upcoming games.

Through TeamLinkt’s League Manager Software, hockey team admins (coaches, captains, managers, etc) are able to report game scores and submit them to the league right from the app. With a few clicks – the score is sent to your league admin and your league standings and results are automatically updated!

By eliminating the complicated and lengthy process of picking up gamesheets from a venue, receiving hundreds of text messages, calls and emails about game results, and having to organize and enter these scores into a website – hockey league administrators will save countless hours of work through TeamLinkt's sports league software.

What's more, your hockey association can say goodbye to paper Gamesheets!

TeamLinkt has introduced an easy, digital scorekeeping – that volunteers & parents love!

  • Eliminate Data Entry

  • Share Live In-Game Scoring

  • Automate Stat Collection

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Moreover, TeamLinkt's app provides a communication platform that is unmatched by other sports management apps. Parents can chat with team members and coaches, keep track of schedules and receive important updates, all without the need for paper or emails. Additionally, coaches and team administrators can send announcements and updates quickly and efficiently through the app, which saves time and ensures that everyone stays on the same page. Messages can be sent with the click of a button, and include email and push notifications sent right to the member’s phone. For this purpose, messages can be sent to the whole team, selected members or to individual players, parents or coaches. 


TeamLinkt's sponsorship package allows minor hockey associations to generate more sponsorship revenue by adding more value. You will be able to:

→ Auto generate your sponsor kit

→ Customize packages & placements

→ Attract & manage sponsors with ease 

Additionally, minor hockey association will have the ability to unlock placements across the team management app, registration pages, and website.  


The Officials feature is great for managing your officials within the same platform that you create your schedule and plan events. Minor hockey associations are able to assign referees and linesmen to games, and offer shifts with the click of a button. As a result, you will be able to allow officials to set their availability and track payments right in the app!

Branded Team App

TeamLinkt also has a Branded Team App. Minor hockey associations can tailor their participant's TeamLinkt experience with a custom splash page and branded app colors. This will:

  • Reinforce your branding where participants engage most.

  • Provide a seamless experience.

  • Optionally, feature & monetize a sponsor!

Your Teams. Your Brand.

Sell Extra Ice Times

Have extra ice your minor hockey association or teams are looking to sell?

Maximize your revenue by offering your extra location availability for rent!

  • Simply enter in the ice times you want to sell

  • Share a link with coaches, managers and parents

  • Collect payments for ice times via Credit Card


 Case Study

An excellent example of how a youth hockey association has benefitted from using TeamLinkt is the South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA). Before switching to TeamLinkt, the SWHA was using paper registration forms and manually tracking player data. This process was time-consuming and made it difficult to communicate with parents and coaches. As a result, after partnering with TeamLinkt, the SWHA saw a significant increase in registration numbers, as well as a decline in administrative tasks. Additionally, TeamLinkt's automated features and easy-to-use interface allows SWHA to spend more time focusing on their players and less time on administrative tasks. A boost of ease and flexibility was the perfect solution for SWHA and TeamLinkt was there to provide it to them.

In conclusion, TeamLinkt is the top choice for hockey organizations looking for an easy-to-use registration platform that streamlines communication and scheduling. Not to mention, the free TeamLinkt app facilitates communication between team members and allows for easy access to schedules, updates, and real-time data. Its user-friendly interface has already garnered support with many, and has been trusted by the innovative SWHA. Without a doubt, switching to TeamLinkt will make players, parents, and administrators feel more organized and informed, which in turn will lead to a better overall hockey experience. So what are you waiting for? Save your minor hockey association time, money and stress this season by managing your minor hockey association with TeamLinkt. Hundreds of hockey organizations have made the switch, so what are you waiting for?!

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