Being prepared is key! Here’s what you need to know about managing your volleyball club or association amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Volleyball Club Management Tips

Collect Registration Now, Receive Payment Later

To prepare for a season with uncertainty surrounding it we recommend trying TeamLinkt’s Pay Later Registration feature. With this feature, clubs can still collect registrations from players and capture all the necessary information and then request payment at a later date. With the click of a button, an automated invoice is sent out to registrants.

Health Waiver Tracking

To ensure the health and safety of all participants, many leagues, associations and clubs have mandated a waiver form to be filled out prior to each event. Before each game and practice, all participants and spectators are required to declare their health status and confirm they do not have any symptoms related to COVID-19. With TeamLinkt’s Health Waiver system, volleyball clubs can create a waiver form that is automatically added to every event for all of their teams. Then from the team management app, participants receive a notification prior to each event to declare their health status. This declaration takes place right in the team management app!

After an event, league and club administrators have the ability to view reporting on exactly who was at every event and if they completed a health waiver. This can be viewed in TeamLinkt’s league management software or exported to a spreadsheet.

Spectator Solutions: Live-Streaming

With limited spectator numbers across the world, volleyball club directors and administers are looking for the best solution to live stream games. You do not necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars to make it happen. Teamlinkt has made it their mission to offer this feature with a scoreboard overlay for free. This allows parents, grandparents, friends, and recruiters to tune into games. 

Want to enhance the spectator experience? Some teams are putting the game on a big screen in parking lots and grassy areas where family members can social distance outside the building. Invite a local food truck to make it feel even more like a real event. Sports may look different but people are finding innovative ways to keep the spirit of sport alive. 

Maintain Motivation and Limit Burnout in Uncertainty

Volleyball club managers can take action from a distance in trying to reduce stress and burnout among their players. With the uncertainty of our world setting in fears of halted recruiting opportunities and lack of personal development are top of mind. Using Teamlinkt’s challenge feature, encourage players to integrate yoga and meditation into their practice, create fitness challenges to keep them in shape, and ask them to do activities that relieve stress such as personal reflection. 

Many teams are doing social media fitness challenges, hosting bonding events over platforms such as Zoom, and providing players with at-home work-out plans. Use the chat feature in-app to keep the lines of communication open and to organize virtual team-building opportunities. 

Allowed to Return to Sport?

Keeping volleyball registration organized and streamlined from a distance is very important. Using a virtual sports registration system is the best way to keep track of players’ information and fees. With sports technologies on the rise, there are a variety of options to keep your registration efficient this season, however, not all are free like Teamlinkt. Wondering how it is free? Read this blog post for more information. 

Mask Up

Get your players branded team masks. This will encourage players to wear them to, from, and at games as they look uniformed, professional and create a sense of unity. Wearing a mask while playing sports may not be ideal but it is for safety. Offering them a mask as a token of your appreciation for their cooperation can improve team morale.

Sanitizing for Safety

Ensure these cleanliness practices are in place for the health and safety of players:

  • Every player must sanitize or wash hands prior to play and after. 
  • The ball must be sanitized at frequent intervals throughout play and designated for a specific group.
  • Encourage cheering each other on from a distance as opposed to physical contact such as high fives, hugs, etc. 
  • Remind players to avoid touching their face throughout play. 

Navigating volleyball clubs and teams at this time is challenging but with innovative solutions athletic development is possible. Sign up your volleyball club or association with TeamLinkt for a free solution to have a better season!