by Marsha McCormick

Isn’t it cool when technology is actually simple yet effective in building your business?

I don’t know about you but the multiple options that are in the marketplace are basically so overwhelming that it’s sometimes easy to just hope that by doing nothing things can go along as they have been going – just using our past marketing efforts in the same way we always have.  The rude awakening comes when we become aware that our “loyal” local customers are ordering gear online from out of province or state.  That is when reality starts to hit!

One of our primary reasons for creating this TeamLinkt app was to give a “swiss army” tool set to sports store owners.  The app is simple, easy to use by players and parents, and being enthusiastically received by teams across the country.  What we have built is a team management app that is downloaded onto smartphones.  It connects the players so there is a strong bond between players, coaches, parents and, thus, the season can be a remarkable one!  It is so convenient even with multiple children in the family and all active in sports programs people know exactly where games are, who will be there, what the jersey color is, and on and on — all in one spot right on their phone.  This simplifies their life and gives parents and players an uncluttered feeling to enjoy the practice, game, season!!

So this is how it works:

  1.  You license the TeamLinkt app from us.
  2.  You offer it free to you customers.

Here is what Dan Court of Bert & Mac’s Source for Sports says,

“This was a way to provide a great tool for teams to get organized without any added expense to them… a way to say thanks to the many people that continue to support us with their hard earned dollars.”

Talk about a simple process.  We work on your behalf in a variety of ways, right from online promotions to postcards printed with your logo to pop into customers bags.  Now your customers will be directly connected to your store – they can click right within the app to their team gear store.  This is a great way to build your business and at the same time show your customers that you are helping keep them connected as a team!