In the fast-paced world of youth sports, effective management is crucial for ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for participants, parents and organizers. One of the core tasks for youth sports organizations is rostering participants – a process that involves grouping, filtering, and assigning registrants to teams. This pivotal task not only shapes the structure of the teams but also contributes to the overall organization and flow of the sports season. In this guide, we’ll delve into the ease of rostering youth sports participants with TeamLinkt, and outline step-by-step instructions to optimize the process for youth sports organizations.

Properly rostering participants is more than just an administrative chore; it sets the foundation for a well-organized and smoothly executed sports season. Here’s how TeamLinkt’s sports management software makes this task easier!

Step-by-Step Guide to Rostering

Once your registration is underway, or has finished, you can begin adding your participants to your team rosters.

  1. Click on the Seasons tab at the top.
  2. Hover over Registration and click on ‘Participants’.
  3. Click the ‘Roster X Participants’ button in the upper right.

From here you can roster your participants from each registration group to any division / group / conference.

To place players on a team, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping their names! Click the participants name and drag them to the team you’d like to add them to. You can also move people already on a team to a different team in that division by dragging them to the desired team.

Then click the ‘Group By’ button in the upper right to separate your participants based on a field / question. Use the ‘Details to Display’ dropdown to choose what additional information you want to show beside each participant. You can also set your sorting for all un-rostered participants in this same section.

You can use the Filters to hide any participants who do no match the filter criteria. This used with the ‘Group By’ settings will help your youth sports organization remain orderly when rostering.

You can also roster multiple participants to a team at one time using the checkboxes beside their name. When you have completed rostering participants for a registration group or division, click the ‘Save Button’ in the upper right corner.

Import Roster Members

** Alternatively, if your youth sports organization has all of their participant’s data in a spreadsheet, it can be imported into TeamLinkt:


  1. Go to Teams > Roster Members
  2. Press the ‘Add/Import’ button and select ‘Import Team Members’
  3. Select the team you are looking to add a roster for
  4. Type or Paste in the information into the correct cells. It will look like this when you’re done. From there, click ‘Submit Data’ and you’re good to go!

PRO TIP: Building out your spreadsheets with the correct columns in Excel, then copy/pasting is our recommended way of importing rosters.


Additionally, you can click ‘Import File’ and Downloading the sample CSV file. Then, fill in the file and upload it.

It will look like this when complete:


Once members are typed into the cells or the CSV file is imported, review the data in the cells and make sure there are no red cells & everything looks correct

5. Click ‘Submit Data’

TIP If you are just adding one team admin per team, click ‘Add Members’ and fill it in via our web app.


Efficiently rostering participants is a critical task for youth sports organizations, impacting everything from team dynamics to logistical planning. This article has demonstrated the ease of rostering youth sports participants with TeamLinkt. By implementing effective strategies and utilizing the roster building tools, organizations can streamline the process and create a memorable and fun experience for everyone involved!

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