TeamLinkt provides the best in market Sports Organization Management Platform and Team App. Their technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported! As well, they have no platform fees, so your youth sports organization can invest more time and money into growing your programs. TeamLinkt’s sports team management app enables teams to share rosters, schedules, availability, chat, share photos, polling, game reminders, player statistics, in-game feeds, live video stream, fundraise and more. And it’s FREE! Sports organizations and teams across the world trust TeamLinkt as the tool to connect and organize throughout the season. In this blog, we will demonstrate how TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce the cost of participating in sports and save money for youth sports organizations.

How Does TeamLinkt Reduce the Cost of Sports? How & Why are they Free?

Sports are expensive! TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce the cost of participating in sports by providing their technology free of charge. TeamLinkt eliminates software and processing fees with ad-support in the TeamLinkt Team Management App. Teams have the option to remove ads for $6/mo, but the vast majority don’t because the ads are non-invasive.

TeamLinkt Invests in Growth, Not fees

Is there really no cost? TeamLinkt does not charge any software, additional processing surcharges or per player fees. Standard Visa/MC processing rates still apply, and they start at 2.2% and $0.30/transactions. All core features your club, league, or association needs to run your season with confidence are free in the Sports Management Platform and Team Management App, with no monthly or annual fees. 

Here’s what your youth sports organization will get for FREE:

  • One Plan. All Features included

How TeamLinkt Removes Platform Fees:

  1. Processing fees as low as 2.7% + $.30 ~ For credit card transactions, there is a small processing fee.
  2. Ad-based Team App ~ The Free Team App has banner ads (with options to remove). 

TeamLinkt has helped over 1,500 leagues, clubs, and associations save an average of $3,145 and 63-hours in admin time each year!

Creating Revenue Through Sponsorship to Reduce Costs

By partnering with businesses through sponsorship, TeamLinkt helps lower the cost of playing sports. This makes it more accessible for families who might otherwise not be able to afford it, and saves your youth sports organization money.

Sponsorship provides numerous benefits to youth sports organizations. It is a great way to generate revenue, gain community support and showcase your organization’s value. With sponsorships, you can acquire funds to cover costs such as equipment, uniforms, facility rentals, and tournament fees. Additionally, it is a chance for your team to build community partnerships and demonstrate that your organization is committed to providing quality athletic programs.

TeamLinkt has a ready to go sponsorship package that makes it easy to gain new sponsors. Once your youth sports organization attracts sponsors, you can unlock placements across your team management app, your registration pages, and your website!

Here’s how:

Sponsorship Power-Up to Create Revenue for Your Youth Sports Organization

Give your sponsors premium real estate on the dashboard in the app for all of your team members.

To unlock Sponsorships for your Organization:

  1. Go to the Organization tab at the top and click Sponsorships
  2. Click the “Unlock Sponsors Now” button
  3. Purchase the yearly subscription

Once your purchase is complete you will setup your profile for your organization. This helps sponsors discover your organization so you can create connections with them.

When going through your settings and entering your information make sure to go through each tab of the settings to make sure your Sponsor Kit is complete!

Click the Placements button in the upper right to see all of the locations where your Sponsors will be promoted. You can add a custom placement to tell your sponsors about additional places your organization will put their logo / images such as on your team jerseys, on all of your social media posts, and anywhere else your organization plans to put them!

Design your Sponsorship Packages to create different price points for sponsors. This allows you to set a price for a sponsor and optionally set it to last for one season, or for an entire year. Adjust prices and restrict a package to only be for specific divisions or teams so you can sell multiple sponsorships.



Getting Money Back Through TeamLinkt’s Rebate Program

TeamLinkt has introduced a $1M Growth Fund to help sports leagues, clubs or associations thrive.  Your youth sports organization can apply  to lock in up to $5,000 in Growth Rebates for your sports organization.

How the Program Works

Your youth sports organization simply needs to transition to the TeamLinkt Sports Management Platform (or just the TeamLinkt Team Management App) and upon approval, your organization qualifies for up to a $5,000 Rebate* from our Growth Fund. Plus, you’ll eliminate software, additional credit card processing and any per player fees.**

  1. Apply: Fill out the application form and a rep will complete your signup.
  2. Set Up: Our team of support staff will assist with setup (it’s easy)! This includes moving your current website.
  3. Collect Your Rebate: You’ll be on a better management platform, with better support and you’ll receive a rebate to help you grow this year!

* Rebates are based on the number of participants and sport and are paid out quarterly once the player/participant is active in the TeamLinkt App.

** TeamLinkt does not charge any additional processing surcharges or per player fees. Standard Stripe Visa/MC processing rates still apply.

On average, a 1,500 member organization with $300,000 in registration volume will save $6,000 per year. Plus, you will receive a rebate of up to $5,000!

TeamLinkt is not just a sports management platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the world of youth sports. By eliminating platform fees and leveraging ad-based support, TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce the financial burden on youth sports organizations, empowering them to invest more time and resources into growing their programs and lower their fees. The extensive list of free features, from the Team Management App to scheduling tools, communication features and free website, emphasizes TeamLinkt’s commitment to making sports accessible to all.

Moreover, TeamLinkt actively contributes to lowering the overall cost of playing sports, benefitting families and organizations alike. With the introduction of the $1M Growth Fund and the Rebate Program, TeamLinkt goes beyond money savings – it invests in the growth and success of youth sports organizations. By choosing TeamLinkt, your sports organization is not just getting a top-tier sports management solution; you’re joining a movement that aims to make sports more affordable, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone involved. Learn how TeamLinkt strives to reduce the cost of youth sports, and experience the difference. Simplify your sports management, and unlock growth potential with TeamLinkt today!