4Hundred Source For Sports is a Community Partner for the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App and League Software. This partnership was established as a way for 4Hundred to give back to the community of Barrie, Ontario by offering TeamLinkt’s team management app and league software for free to leagues and teams in the community.


For Teams:

Any sports team in Barrie will have access to the Pro Plan of the TeamLinkt Sports Team Management App completely free thanks to 4Hundred. Other app’s with TeamLinkt’s list of features will cost over $18.00 CAD per month, which translates to a savings of over $120 per season for a hockey team. The TeamLinkt App has features including roster and schedule data, setting player availability, team chat, setting lineups, fundraising and more.


For Leagues and Associations:

Not only are sports teams going to benefit from this partnership, but leagues will find great value too. Teams within sports leagues and associations have access to the team management app mentioned above, but also a suite of league management tools to help with organization, communication and registration. It is the perfect solution for leagues and associations like Barrie Minor Hockey Association and Barrie Men’s Hockey League.

Leagues and Associations will receive a free customizable website complete with standings, results, schedule and news. In addition, all scheduling can be done through the league tools – which also reflects for all teams in the app. Need to send a message to all of your teams? Not a problem! Simply choose which teams and members need to receive the message and send a push notification and email right to their phone. Online player registration is also coming for Fall 2019 – so stay tuned!

How To Create Your Team:

  1. Download the TeamLinkt App
  2. Create a Team and Enter the Sponsor Code 4HUNDRED

About 4Hundred Source For Sports:

4Hundred Source For Sports is a local sporting goods store located in Barrie, Ontario. They specialize in selling gear for hockey, goalie equipment, and more! They also offer skate sharpening, professional team wear (jerseys and hats), custom apparel, team jerseys and custom order equipment. Stop by 4Hundred and see what they have to offer!


Looking to get your league, association or school involved with TeamLinkt? visit https://teamlinkt.com/league-software/