Are you tired of the hassle and headache that comes with manually creating schedules for your youth sports organization? Look no further! Utilizing youth sports schedule management with TeamLinkt’s schedule builder will revolutionize the way you organize your season. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly generate schedules, manage conflicts, and ensure a seamless sports season for both players and parents. In this article, we’ll walk you through TeamLinkt’s Schedule Builder features and show you how to use them to optimize your youth sports organization.

Creating Your Initial Schedule

Gone are the days of spending hours on end trying to piece together a coherent schedule for your teams. TeamLinkt’s Schedule Builder simplifies the process. Once your youth sports organization has added your teams to your season, it’s time to let the Schedule Builder work its magic.

Navigate to Schedule & Scores > Schedule Builder and click the ‘Create’ button in the upper right corner to kick off the scheduling process. Next, give your schedule a unique name and select your teams. You can customize details such as the schedule’s start date, the number of games each team will play per week, and the duration of the season. Clicking on the ‘Create,’ button will direct you to the Schedule Builder. Here you’ll want to go through the options on the left in order from top to bottom. This step is important to ensure your schedule is just the way you want it for your youth sports organization!

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Customizing Your Schedule with TeamLinkt’s Schedule Builder

Below is a quick summary of what you can do in each option menu:

Customize your Schedule (using the Tabs on the left)

 Schedule Settings

  • Change the general settings of your schedule such as; name, start date, number of weeks

  • Game duration, time between games, bye games

  • Decide if you want games to be scheduled based on preferred locations, or earliest time

  • Set which days you prefer games to be played on


  • Change which teams should be scheduled to play against each other

  • You may include teams from different groups if they’re meant to play each other


  • All locations created in your league’s season will be available to be scheduled. For instructions on how to add a location, click here

  • If you have multiple courts or fields at one location, you should create a separate location for each court or field. e.g. creating a location for Field 1 and Field 2 etc.


  • After choosing locations, set what times they are available

  • Adding more rows of availability lets you accommodate complex location times

  • Overriding rows let you mark a specific location, date, and time as available/unavailable

  • Here’s an example of how yours might look

  • Enter special exception ‘Blackout Dates’ when no games should be played.


  • Add ‘off’ weeks where no games will be booked for that week. This feature works great for holidays and stats

  • Set some weeks to have more games per team than others


Youth Sports Schedule Summary View

  • Displays useful information about your schedule

  • How many times each team plays each other

  • How many games are played at each location for a team

  • Game start times for each time slot

You will be able to click and drag teams or locations to make fast and easy changes to your schedule. If you’ve made changes you don’t like, you can use the grey ‘Discard Changes’ button in the top right. Using the ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ buttons to the right of each game respectively, or you you can also edit/delete games individually .

Fine-Tuning and Publishing Your Youth Sports Schedule

Once you’ve configured your schedule to perfection, take advantage of TeamLinkt’s user-friendly interface to make quick changes. You can move teams and locations around, and if you’re unhappy with the modifications, the ‘Discard Changes’ button will come to the rescue!

When you’re satisfied with your schedule, make sure to select ‘Save Draft Changes’ before clicking ‘Publish.‘ This will ensure you have a chance to review everything before finalizing it. Once you publish your schedule, an email will confirm the creation of your scheduled events. If you need to make further adjustments, you can edit and republish your schedule without a hitch.

Conflict Resolution Management

TeamLinkt’s Schedule Builder will even assist your youth sports organization with conflict resolution. It identifies potential issues, such as overlapping game times or double-booked locations, by marking them with clear identifiers. This proactive approach saves you from scrambling to handle last-minute problems.

TeamLinkt’s Schedule Builder is a game-changer for youth sports organizations looking to streamline their operations. With its user-friendly features and comprehensive customization options, creating and managing schedules has never been easier. Whether you’re coordinating soccer matches, hockey or basketball games (or any other youth sports), mastering youth sports schedule management with TeamLinkt’s schedule builder empowers you to focus on the excitement of the games while leaving the scheduling headaches behind.