League Admins, League Schedulers, and League Presidents – we have an exciting new feature to save you hours of time! TeamLinkt is proud to introduce our newest feature – self-reporting scores!

Through the TeamLinkt’s League Manager Software – team admins (coaches, captains, managers, etc) are able to report game scores and submit them to the league right from the app. With a couple of clicks – your score is sent to your league admin and your league standings and results are automatically updated – faster than a team can snap their fingers.

By eliminating the complicated and lengthy process of picking up gamesheets from a field, receiving hundreds of text messages, calls and emails about game results, and having to organize and enter these scores into a website – league administrators will save countless hours of work through the sports league software.

How does it work?

  1. Your League signs up for TeamLinkt (you can do this here)
  2. Teams, Rosters and Schedules are loaded into TeamLinkt (we help you with this if you need it)
  3. Teams are Activated & Players are Invited to Join their Team
  4. When a game is finished, the team admin submits their score to the league.

Scores can be submitted by the Team Admin through the sports team management app or from the web. League admins also have the ability to set the scores themselves or make any corrections for the league if a score is submitted incorrectly.


Helpful links for setting scores:

How to Report Scores as a Team Admin

How to Report Scores as a League Admin

Aside from saving hours of data entry – the other major benefit of using TeamLinkt sports team management app and sports league software is that it is free! TeamLinkt has set up a network of sponsors around the world that license the team app for their community. These existing sponsors are local businesses looking to give back to sports teams in their community.

Ready to sign up your league?