If you are a sports administrator looking to streamline operations for your slo-pitch league, look no further than TeamLinkt’s all-in-one sports management platform. TeamLinkt will revolutionize your slo-pitch league management by streamlining operations, enhancing communication, and elevating efficiency. With simplified score collection, an easy schedule generator, a free team management app for communication, and free website designs ~ TeamLinkt has everything you need to make managing your slo-pitch league a breeze.

Simplify Score Collection

One of the key features that sets TeamLinkt apart is its simplified score collection system. Say goodbye to manual scorekeeping and paper forms! With TeamLinkt, scores can be input directly into the platform by coaches or team captains. This not only saves time and reduces errors but also provides real-time updates on standings and statistics for players and fans alike.

Team captains can submit scores right from the free team app. Once a score is submitted, it automatically updates the league standings on your website!


Build Your Schedule in Minutes

Another standout feature of TeamLinkt is its easy schedule generator. Creating a season schedule can be a daunting task, but with TeamLinkt’s intuitive scheduling tool, you can quickly generate a balanced and fair schedule for your slo-pitch league. In addition, you can easily add rain dates, reschedule games, and communicate any changes to teams with just a few clicks.

Simply enter your teams, locations and availability and TeamLinkt will automatically generate a visual version of your schedule. You can drag, drop and further customize your schedule – then publish it when you are ready. Or, if you already have a schedule – just click a button to import it! Throughout the season you can add and edit games as needed.

Scheduling doesn’t get easier than that!



TeamLinkt allows your slo-pitch league to choose between 2 set-up options:

Online Registration

Step 1: Create a registration form

Step 2: Team Captains or All Players fill out the form

Import Data

Step 1: Create Team Names

Step 2: Add Team Captains Names & Emails

  • TeamLinkt Assists with Data Importing
  • Typical setup time of 20 minutes


Free Team Management App

Every team in the league has free access to the TeamLinkt app. Features include attendance tracking, schedule, team chat, photo sharing, polling and much more. 

As a league, teams are automatically notified of schedule changes via a push notification, and you can easily broadcast messages to all teams. This is extremely convenient and time saving in the event of a rainout or other last minute schedule changes. Additionally, there is an option for team-to-team communication between team captains. 

Manage Your Website With Ease

Finally, TeamLinkt provides free website designs for leagues looking to establish an online presence. A professional-looking website not only enhances the credibility of your league but also serves as a central hub for information such as schedules, standings, registration details, and more. With customizable templates and easy-to-use editing tools, you can create a mobile optimized website that reflects the unique identity of your slo-pitch league. Schedules, Standings, and Scores are automatically published to your website!

TeamLinkt’s sports management platform truly stands out as the best choice for slo-pitch leagues looking to simplify operations and enhance communication among players and administrators. With features like simplified score collection, a simple and straightforward schedule generator, a free app for communication, and free website designs; TeamLinkt will revolutionize your slo-pitch league management. Say goodbye to manual processes and disorganized communication – choose TeamLinkt for seamless management of your slo-pitch league today!

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