The new challenges feature in TeamLinkt’s team management app promotes skill development for teams while at home. 

With new social distancing rules as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, coaches are looking to find ways to keep their teams active while stuck at home. Shooting pucks in the basement, doing home workouts, shooting baskets in the driveway and other solo activities have become the only ways for athletes to stay active and participating in the sports they love at this time. Until teams can reunite at their local rinks, parks and fields, this will be the only way for kids to keep their skills sharp and continue improving in the sports they love. 


To help promote athlete development TeamLinkt has developed a new feature called challenges. In the team management app, coaches can now assign different challenges to their players. The challenges can range from making 10 free throws per day, all the way to taking 500 slap shots in a week. TeamLinkt has developed a library of challenges that can easily be assigned. There is also the ability to create a custom challenge for your team to complete. 


Once a challenge is complete, either the coach or the player confirms that they have completed it, and they earn a badge in the app. We’ll keep track of how many badges each player has received, and players can compete to get the most challenges complete. 


Getting Started is Simple!

  1. Create your team & add your team members (don’t worry, the app is 100% free to use!)


  1. From the connect section of the app, select from our library of skill, fitness and even chore challenges… or create your own custom daily and weekly challenges.


  1. Team members receive a notification each time a challenge is assigned, and they’ll earn a badge for each one they complete!


Here is also a video to help get you started:

Ready to Get Started?