Recent studies show that 69% of adults use social media and that number is growing every day.  Most consumers begin formulating their purchasing decisions through their social media networks.  They ask their “friends” for recommendations and research businesses there, looking for ratings & reviews, interactions with customers and more, before making many of their purchasing decisions these days.  Therefore, your business must have a strong presence on the major social media networks that your customers and potential customers are using.

The struggle many businesses face when trying to implement a social media strategy is a lack of time and resources.  In the day to day running of the business, most owners or managers don’t have time available to update their social accounts as often as they would like.  Often, they do not have staff with time available to do so either.  If they do have staff with time available, they do not fell comfortable having staff as the “voice” of the store and do not have time to train them on how they would like their social accounts managed.

As a Community Partner with TeamLinkt, we help you with your social media presence and content creation through weekly automated social media posts.  Every week, we produce content that touches on benefits of the TeamLinkt sports management app and include eye-catching visuals, which increase engagement and boosts team creations.  The automated social posts drive further downloads of the app and in turn get your store in front of more potential customers.  Connect Social Posts Now

The TeamLinkt sports management app will help your current and future customers have a more enjoyable sports season, while painting your store in a positive light and building goodwill by offering the Pro version of the app to them for free.

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