The TeamLinkt Pro plan has a new feature: Lineups! With this new feature, coaches are able create, edit and share lineups with their team prior to the game. This is the perfect solution for informing your slo-pitch team of the batting order, letting your youth baseball team know who the starting pitcher is or setting line combinations for your hockey team. The lineups feature is another management tool to help your team stay organized and connected for the season.


TeamLinkt’s new lineup feature allows you to:

  • Set positions and orders for nearly every sport
  • Assign who is playing in the game
  • Share the lineup with your team


To save the team manager time, we have also created pre-set positions for sports like hockey, soccer, lacrosse, football and baseball. Custom positions can also be added for other sports, or those players that might not fit into an existing position.


The lineups feature is part of the TeamLinkt sports team management app’s pro plan. Thousands of teams access the pro plan for free thanks to community partners established across North America. In competing apps, like TeamSnap, the lineups feature is included in their premium plan costing $13.99 USD per month. You can see how the two apps compare here. Download the TeamLinkt app today, create a team, and click to find a sponsor code in your area to gain access to the pro plan of the best sports team management app for free. 


For how to use the new lineups feature, click here: