New to Live Streaming: Real-Time Scoreboard Overlay

We are excited to announce a real-time scoreboard to our live video streaming feature. Allowing game updates to show up directly on the stream will help virtual spectators keep up with all elements of the game including the period of play, score, game clock time, and more.

“Live video streaming has been a great way for us to keep all of the parents on our team up to date with what’s happening at the rink. They’re loving being able to watch their kids on the ice while being stuck at home! Ray – Coach, Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association

Once a live video stream is started, each team member receives a push notification that the game can be watched through their device. With restricted attendance numbers and social distancing protocols in place as a result of COVID-19, staying in the loop with your teams and watching games and practices is not as easy as it once was. By live video streaming a game, this allows parents, grandparents, friends and fans to watch events, even if they are not allowed to physically be at the arena, field, or diamond. 

Once a stream is complete, it is saved and can be viewed later by members of the team. This allows players to watch the game after it is complete, and even gives the option to be used as a coaching tool later on. 

NEW: Scoreboard Overlay for Live Streaming

A common problem with watching a livestream for an event is not knowing the score and how much time is left in the game. To solve this problem, TeamLinkt has added a scoreboard overlay to live video streams. The information on the scoreboard is directly linked to the information being updated in the live game section. So when the clock or the score is updated in TeamLinkt, this will also update the scoreboard overlay on the live video stream.

Best practices for successfully operating the scoreboard during a live stream is to have one member doing the video portion and one parent operating the score clock in the live in-game updates section of the app. 

For more information on setting up a live stream and operating the score clock, click here

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