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Communication Tools

League Communication tools ensure organized and streamlined sharing of information for all your league members.

league communication tools

Streamline League Communication with TeamLinkt



Instant message individual teams or a custom group of people, like coaches, team admins or volunteers.

Connect With Everyone

Communication tools are immediately linked to your roster and member profiles.

History of Messages

Find a history of messages sent to your team.

League Admins

Send Messages to Your Team with Ease

Messages are delivered directly to your members through the team management app, as well as to their email inbox.

“TeamLinkt made it easy for us to start accepting credit card payment from our participants. Their league registration form builder is simple to use and allowed us to capture the information we needed. “

Travis Kowalchuk
Lasers Softball Association

Key Features

  • Messages are sent instantly
  • Select a single team, a group of teams or all teams to message
  • Send messages based on contact type (player, coach, etc.)
  • Send a league-wide message to all members
  • Messages are sent through the TeamLinkt team management app, as well as an email copy to their inbox
  • Free to use
Communication Tools FAQ’s

Where are the messages delivered to?

Messages from league admins are sent directly to the TeamLinkt team management app, as well as an email copy to the recipient. In addition, teams also have access to a chat feature where they can communicate directly in the app with their team.

Can I message participants from a previous season?

Yes! You can message teams and members from previous seasons to promote your new season. We also have tools to message directly from our online registration system.

How many messages can we send at once?

There is no limit to the number of messages you can send. 

Are there fees associated with sending messages?

No! Our communication tools are part of TeamLinkt’s full-feature free league & association management platform

About Us

Great for any sport – TeamLinkt provides a free Sports Team Management App and League Platform to thousands of teams, leagues, associations, schools and clubs.  Our technology is modern, easy to use and fully supported!

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