COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many sports but is looking to engage youth in personal development and community-minded activities that are achievable at this time. With practices and games currently canceled team administrators can use this opportunity to focus on volunteer opportunities to help our struggling communities at this time. By engaging a team in volunteerism and giving back youth can be taught the importance of giving back while united as a team. Volunteerism has many other positive outcomes such as improved mental wellness, the teaching of necessary life skills, and creating diverse connections with others. We have brainstormed a few ideas on how to safely give back this season.


Engage Your Team 

Have team-member brainstorm causes they are passionate about, and then as team administers you can tailor any opportunity around this preference. People are more inclined to participate when they can perform an act of service in an area they are interested in. You can use our polling feature to gauge where the interests lie within your team. Lastly, ensure you are filling a need by inquiring with your local organizations as to where their needs lie.   

Enjoy Some Fresh Air

Park cleanups are easy examples of activities that can be done socially distanced while making an impact and getting youth outside. Ensure you are providing your team with gloves, garbage bags, and safety instructions before taking on a clean up. This is a great socially distanced opportunity or run a park clean-up challenge in-app to encourage team-member to clean up parks at their convenience.  

Write a Letter

Many seniors and residents of care homes cannot visit with friends and family for their safety right now. Have your team members write them letters and cards this Christmas season as an act of service. For younger athletes in particular, this is a great way to practice their penmanship and writing skills. Use our in-app communication tools to notify team members about where to send their letters and give them ideas about what to say. 

Let TeamLinkt help you engage with your team and community during this time.