TeamLinkt is excited to provide event waivers for the health and safety of our users!

COVID-19 has altered the world as we know it and with that many new normals have been introduced. For sport, event waivers have been implemented as a result of sports returning amid a pandemic as a risk management tool and to ensure the health and safety of team members.

You can now use our free team management app, TeamLinkt, to help return to sport with confidence. We have integrated waivers into our feature offerings to give leagues, as well as teams, the ability to implement and track health waiver forms for every event this season. The form is set up once, and prior to each event, all participants are sent a reminder to complete the event waiver. Once complete, coaches, managers and league administrators are able to track the attendance for each game, as well as the completion status of the waiver form. 

This new feature is about putting the health of sports participants first and with this free feature team administrators can create, collect, complete, and track all responses. Allowing for complete oversight of the team and contact tracing.

Get Started

The process of getting started will depend if your league or association uses TeamLinkt as a whole, or if you are an independent team looking to set up. For leagues or associations using TeamLinkt, they are able to create a waiver form that is applied to each team’s calendars automatically. For independent teams, the form must be set up manually, and then will be added to each event for their specific team.

Time to Get Your Team on Board

  • Create an event waiver from the web so it is added to each event in your team’s calendar.
  • Complete an event waiver before your next game via the app. 
  • Team admins can collect and track who has completed an event waiver before each game. 

5 Easy Steps for Creating an Event Waiver for Leagues

  • Click “Manage Seasons”
  • Click “More” and “Manage Waiver”
  • Set the Event Waiver Type
  • Set when you want the waiver form to be available to be completed
  • Fill in the Waiver Details and click “Save”

Why TeamLinkt?

TeamLinkt has implemented many features along with event waivers to help teams and leagues return to sport and did we mention all our software is free. We have partnered with local and national businesses who want to give back to sports teams, leagues, clubs, and schools in their community. Through their sponsorship, you get full access to the sports team app, TeamLinkt completely free

To implement event waivers for your team or to read more about TeamLinkt visit our website.


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