How SSSAD improved communication across 16 schools by partnering with TeamLinkt

Saskatoon Secondary Schools Athletic Directorate (SSSAD) turned to TeamLinkt when their previous provider, Goalline, wasn’t cutting it anymore. As a result, SSSAD partnered with TeamLinkt to simplify communication for all the school athletic directors, coaches, parents, and students.

After setting up TeamLinkt’s Team Management App across 16 schools and 6500 students, communication has never been easier for the Athletic Directors (ADs), coaches, and parents. Within the app, all the coaches and AD’s can now send messages to their teams, parents, and other coaches.


SSSAD is the administrator for high school athletics in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. There are 16 member schools that compete in SSSAD’s league. This includes competition in multiple sports such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track & field, curling, badminton and more.

With a small team of just two employees, the SSSAD staff requires a powerful platform to handle the heavy lifting. By partnering with TeamLinkt, SSSAD can now efficiently ensure that athletes register for each sport they participate in. Additionally, creating and managing schedules for all 16 schools under their jurisdiction is a breeze. This partnership streamlines communication with athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic directors across all schools. Most importantly, it supports and simplifies the lives of Athletic Directors by providing a centralized platform for managing all athletes.

Simplifying communication across 8000 students, coaches, parents, and ADs

When SSSAD partnered with TeamLinkt, they got all 16 of their schools set up with the free TeamLinkt Team Management App. The app allowed SSSAD to simplify communication during the school year by keeping all the students, coaches, parents, and ADs connected in one central place.

The TeamLinkt app automatically syncs schedules, scores, and standings, ensuring that all 8,000 users know precisely where and when their games are taking place. Within the app, coaches can effortlessly send messages to their players, connect with parents, and even chat with the other school coaches before games.

Apart from the direct messaging feature, the app has several other tools that make communication a breeze for all users.

  • Athletes & parents would receive instant notifications when games or practices need to be rescheduled or canceled.
  • With the attendance tracker, athletes can confirm their presence before the game, allowing coaches to see who’s attending in advance.
  • Schedules, scores, and standings are all automatically synched and up to date within the app so all the 8000 users knew exactly where and when their games were.

SSSAD reduced their software & website costs 

After moving from Goalline to TeamLinkt, SSSAD was able to eliminate all monthly and yearly software costs. SSSAD now uses that money for coach development, facility upgrades, equipment, and improving the experience for the students.

SSSAD was also able to provide the TeamLinkt Team Management App to all of their teams free of charge. The TeamLinkt app is 100% free to use for coaches, players and parents.

Moving over schedules, registration forms, and user data happened in less than 7 days

The SSSAD team worked alongside TeamLinkt as they moved their website from Goalline to TeamLinkt. This included TeamLinkt building a customized sports website for them, transferring over all existing content from the old website, and transferring the domain to their new website.

The full website transition took 7 days from start to finish. The process started by identifying the needs and wants for SSSAD and delivering them a custom website that they love. Then, the team did a full transition of all website content from their previous goalline website (this is of course free of charge). Lastly, SSSAD made small tweaks, got their domain set up, and they were live.

Getting 8000 students setup with the TeamLinkt Team Management App

To register students and get their waivers signed, SSSAD created forms for each of their sports offered and then shared the online link out to all students to register. SSSAD staff is able to create registration forms for all of their 16 member schools in a matter of minutes.

For students, they simply selected their school on the SSSAD website and completed the form.

After registration, Athletic Directors from each school placed their athletes on the correct teams through the TeamLinkt team assigning portal. 

Once assigned to a team, students were sent a link to their email where they could download the TeamLinkt app and join their team.

Now, all the students, parents, and coaches are connected into the app where they can view their schedules, send and receive messages, see league standings, set attendance, and so much more.

Conducting training sessions with all 16 ADs and SSSAD Staff

SSSAD got a dedicated account representative that works with the SSSAD staff and all the ADs to make sure they are properly trained and that all their questions are answered. 

In addition to their dedicated account representative, SSSAD and all TeamLinkt’s partners have access to customer support 12 hours a day 7 days a week, for free.


By making a change from Goalline to TeamLinkt, SSSAD was able to refresh and modernize their online presence with a new website, reduce administration time by using TeamLinkt’s administration tools, and provide each team in their organization with the free TeamLinkt team management app.

By upgrading their software, SSSAD also in turn was able to save on fees paid previously to their old software provider. Teams also were provided with the TeamLinkt free team management app, so any coaches previously paying for other apps no longer need to.

Overall, by moving from goalline to TeamLinkt, SSSAD was able to save time, save money, and reduce admin time.

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