Located in the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the South Winnipeg Hockey Association (SWHA) has long been a pillar of the community, fostering a love for the sport that transcends the rink. As an organization deeply committed to both excellence in hockey and community engagement, they faced the challenge of managing their operations seamlessly, a task made difficult by the limitations of their previous software. Learn how South Winnipeg Hockey Association with TeamLinkt has streamlined their sports management processes!


Challenges Faced:

South Winnipeg Hockey Association challenged with inefficiencies in their previous software, hindering their ability to streamline communication, manage teams effectively, and create schedules that accommodated the needs of players and parents alike. This challenge prompted them to seek a more robust solution that aligned with their commitment to excellence.


Solutions from TeamLinkt:

Use TeamLinkt, a platform that understands the unique demands of sports organizations. The association leveraged TeamLinkt’s trio of solutions – Websites, Team Management App/Communication, and Scheduling – to transform their operations.


TeamLinkt provided the SWHA with a dynamic and user-friendly website, becoming a hub for all things related to their teams. The website showcased their dedication to the community, sport, and the values they hold dear.

Team Management App/Communication

The TeamLinkt app facilitated seamless communication among team members, coaches, and parents. Real-time updates and messaging features transformed the way information flowed, ensuring everyone was on the same page.


The scheduling feature offered by TeamLinkt proved to be a game-changer. It allowed the South Winnipeg Hockey Association to create and manage schedules effortlessly, accommodating the diverse needs of their teams and contributing to smoother operations.


Positive Changes and Testimonial:

In the words of Steve Mason, President of South Winnipeg Hockey Association, “TeamLinkt has provided us a platform that is always changing with new and improved features, which is a must in the sports platform. Always open to feedback on their product and provides quick responses to all questions we have. Very happy with our partnership with TeamLinkt.”


Summary of Benefits:

The partnership with TeamLinkt empowered South Winnipeg Hockey Association to enhance their overall efficiency and community engagement. The website, team management app, and scheduling features collectively transformed their operations, creating an environment where the focus remains on the game and the community it serves.


Join the Winning Team!

If you’re ready to elevate your sports organization’s game, TeamLinkt invites you to experience the benefits enjoyed by South Winnipeg Hockey Association. Unleash the power of intuitive websites, seamless team communication, and efficient scheduling. Book a demo today and transform your sports management experience today!