How Football Manitoba uses TeamLinkt health waivers to simplify tracking participant and spectator Covid-19 symptom checks prior to events and gained valuable access to contact tracing through the pandemic.



A requirement for many youth and recreational sport organizations, in their ‘return to play’ during Covid-19, has been to ensure that participants and spectators are symptom free on the day of each scheduled event through the use of health waivers. In many cases, the collection and tracking of these waivers has become manual with pen and paper or processed through an online form – both being onerous to complete, track, and monitor.  Additionally, much of the compliance has fallen directly on teams and coaches and has compounded onto an already difficult season.



TeamLinkt added a health check feature in their existing team management smartphone app, significantly simplifying the completion and tracking for teams and giving organizations needed oversight, reporting, and contact tracing access.

From an organizational level, the health waiver is set and automatically applied to all league and team scheduled events. Through the app, team members are notified and are able to complete the waiver with minimal effort.  Coaches, managers and other team administrators are able to view and confirm completion at a glance to ensure compliance.

Organization administrators have full oversight – including reporting, compliance, and contact tracing access. Data can be easily searched, filtered, and exported to share with health authorities if the need arises. TeamLinkt health waivers help to ensure ‘return to play’ protocols are met. 


As the Technical Coordinator for Football Manitoba, I was tasked with tracking the attendance and health status of every participant for each game for our flag football league this season. With TeamLinkt, I was able to set up a symptom waiver form and auto-assign it to every game in our calendar.

From there, participants are able to set their attendance and complete the waiver right from the TeamLinkt app, and as a league we have access to reporting to know who was at each game and if they completed the waiver.  It was really easy to set up the usage and feedback from teams has been very positive!

Neil Hansen

Technical Coordinator, Football Manitoba


Automated Solution

Health waivers are automatically created for every league and team scheduled event, and accessible to teams via the TeamLinkt team management app.


Tracking Players & Spectators

Team Members (players, parents, and other contacts) receive automated reminders via the app to complete their waiver prior to each event.  All attending team members, including any added spectators for the current event, are tracked.


Track Compliance

Coaches, managers, and other team administrators can view and confirm player and spectator completion at a glance to ensure compliance.


Organization Oversight

Organizations are given complete oversight, with the ability to view individual event attendance, waiver completion, and overall team compliance rates.


Contact Tracing

League administrators are able to search, filter, and export contact tracing data and share this information with health authorities if needed.



Football Manitoba’s fall season has over 500 Covid –19 Symptom Waivers completed each and every day!

By using TeamLinkt to track daily Covid-19 symptom waivers, Football Manitoba has simplified their season, gained oversight and the contact tracing options they required. 

Feedback from coaches and teams has been very positive – the TeamLinkt app has helped them save time in both completing waivers as well as monitoring team compliance.


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