Teams rely on Sports Team Management apps to organize and communicate during their season – sharing rosters, schedules and more.   These apps drive extremely high engagement with players & parents checking game times, setting player availability, chatting and sharing photos on average 4 times per day.

As usage grows, Sports Team Management Apps become an extremely valuable and targeted channel to promote & sell equipment and apparel to players and parent.


In fact – TeamSnap, one of the available Team Apps, has partnered with Amazon to aggressively promote Amazon equipment purchases  to their 15 Million+ users, and now TeamSnap is competing with branded Apparel & Uniform ordering options.  Their objective is for teams is to  “SKIP THE TRIP TO THE STORE AND GEAR UP VIA AMAZON”.

And TeamSnap isn’t the only company trying to own this channel – over the past year, Dick’s has acquired Team Management app Gamechanger in efforts to connect their brand and offers to teams.

So what does this mean for local Sports Stores?

Local Sporting Good Stores have two predominate options available:


#1  Allow TeamSnap/Amazon & Dick’s to Own this Channel.
#2  Join the TeamLinkt Community Partner Program.

Through our  Community Partner Program, Stores and Team Dealers license and provide the TeamLinkt App to teams in their community.  Teams get all the core features plus new to market live video streaming and built-in team fundraising.

As a TeamLinkt Partner, you’ll sponsor the app for teams helping them save money on technology, you’ll build goodwill … and best of all, you’ll own this new marketing channel!

Have a question about TeamLinkt?  Contact us at: 1-888-420-5635 ext. 201