There is an undeniable change happening in youth sports right now… Costs are increasing year after year while participation drops. (Aspen Project Play, 2022). TeamLinkt is on a mission to reduce sports organization technology costs.

With rising costs, wallets & budgets are forced to get tighter and families have to reduce the number of sports their children play in a given year.

In addition, Leagues & Clubs are also getting charged an average of $3000 annually in software and website fees.

Those fees are ultimately impacting the families as registration costs have to increase in order for the sports organizations to cover the costs of using sports management software.

If families have to look to cut out certain sports, community clubs & leagues will drop in participation until there are not enough athletes left to continue to run the program.

Sports Cost is on the rise

For families, the average annual costs to participate in sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and football are over $1000 and rising.

The two big culprits:

  1. Inflation
  2. Registration fees

“The inflation issue is very real and concerning. People are still buying sports products. But at some point, when people see prices change, they may make discretionary choices and sports come into play. The last thing you want to do is cut your kids, but at some point you have to.”

Tom Cove

CEO, Sports & Fitness Industry Association

Costs of travel, equipment, and facility rentals are all shooting up. Further to these hard-to-control expenses, community clubs & leagues are also enduring large technology costs.

Sports management platforms, like TeamSnap and SportsEngine, charge thousands of dollars a year in platform fees alone. While also charging upwards of 3.25% + $2.00 per registrant.

We estimate that clubs & leagues are incurring around $3000 in technology expenses that trickle down to the families and athletes.

Rising costs and declining participation are forcing league organizers to become more creative in devising ways to keep prices down and participation up.

This is where TeamLinkt comes in – we help clubs and leagues reduce the amount they have to spend on software and platform fees so that they can use that money to invest in the growth of their organization.

Sports Organization, Clubs & Leagues should get free software

Participation in youth sports is an integral part of development for families and children across the world. Youth sports is a great facilitator for community engagement and interaction, helping build stronger bonds within neighborhoods & communities.

By keeping more money in the organization, organizers are able to greatly improve the experience that they can deliver to families & children. They can purchase higher quality equipment and also afford to get all the coaches properly trained in critical topics like CPR, concussions, and SafeSport. Research has consistently shown that kids who play for trained coaches have a better experience.

why teamlinkt

On top of improving the experience, they can also get more athletes involved. If you’re able to reduce the costs it takes to run the season, you’ll be able to lower the cost of registration.

why TeamLinkt 2

When you set your organization up to be able to lower the cost of participation, it allows more families to be able to afford to register their children in the season. Resulting in more participation and more revenue for the sports organization. 

Stop Paying For Software, Start Investing In Growth: Reduce Technology Costs

Instead of paying thousands of dollars each year on software & transaction fees, partner with a TeamLinkt – a company that wants to see your league grow.

When you create your TeamLinkt account,  you get all the tools you need to run your league completely free with no limitations.

All-in-one platform

Since the majority of clubs and leagues are made up of volunteers with limited time, having an easy-to-use platform that can run your entire season, is critical. From a league website to running registration, making the schedule, recording the stats, and communicating with parents, coaches, and athletes, your one TeamLinkt account has all of it – all for no platform cost.

1000+ clubs & leagues partner with TeamLinkt to grow and reduce sports organization tecnology costs

We’ve helped over 1000+ leagues, clubs, and associations save an average of $3000 in annual software fees. In particular, they invest in the growth of their league.

When working with these new clubs & leagues to reduce sports organization technology costs, Furthermore, we’ve seen an average increase in participation of 181% season over season.



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