Are you tired of the same old fundraising routines? Say hello to TeamLinkt’s fundraising suite – your all-in-one solution for achieving fundraising success without the hassle. Whether you’re a coach, a parent, or a team manager, we’ve got your back with tools that make fundraising a breeze.


Meet the Fundraising Superstars


Collect & Track Donations

Let’s start with the basics. Donations are like high-fives for your team’s success. With TeamLinkt, setting up a donation drive is as easy as setting your fundraising page and posting a picture on social media. Share your team’s story, and watch the support pour in.

sports team fundraising

Northview Titans Football Club Raised $2,955 with a Donation Fundraiser on TeamLinkt

Host an Event

Ready to spice things up? Host a fundraising event that’s as fun as a victory dance. Our event tool helps you plan, promote, and track your event’s success. From car washes to golf tournaments, the possibilities are endless.

sports team fundraising

Big Walnut Lacrosse Raised $10,410 with an Event Fundraiser on TeamLinkt

Item Sales

Craving convenience? Our item sales tool lets you sell your own products or choose from one of pre-arranged partners like Jack Links Beef Jerky, Sweet Nutrition, and Road Coffee. Just choose your item, sell, and celebrate.

sports team fundraising

The Kemptville Jags Raised $950 selling Coffee through TeamLinkt

Run a Raffle

Feeling lucky? Ramp up excitement with raffle-style fundraisers. Sell tickets online, draw winners hassle-free, and make your fundraiser an unforgettable event.

sports team fundraising

The Central Valley Volleyball Club 18U Girls Raised $6,140 with a Raffle on TeamLinkt to attend Nationals… and placed 2nd!—congrats!

Shop and Earn Rewards

Score big with TeamLinkt Rewards! Earn money on your everyday purchases from great brands like Apple, Best Buy, Under Armor, Nike, and hundreds more. The more you shop, the more you earn. It’s a win-win!

sports team fundraising

Valor 2011G Gold – Raised $5,650 in 11 months with TeamLinkt Rewards

Steps to Success

  1. Pick a Fundraiser: Choose the fundraising type that best suits your team.
  2. Set Up Shop: Creating your TeamLinkt fundraising page is a breeze. Just add your team’s story, goals, and a sprinkle of team spirit.
  3. Spread the Word: Share your fundraiser through social media, emails, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

4. Watch the Magic Happen: Sit back and watch the support roll in. Our intuitive platform makes donating, buying, tracking your progress, and participating a joy.

Top Tips:

    1. Team Effort: Get everyone involved – coaches, parents, and players. Teamwork makes the dream work.
    2. Tell Your Story: Share your team’s journey. People love to support a great cause.
    3. Spread the Love: Use social media to amplify your message. The more eyes, the merrier.

Ready to Get Started?

Say goodbye to fundraising headaches and hello to TeamLinkt Fundraisers. Our user-friendly platform is your shortcut to fundraising success. It’s time to unlock your team’s potential and achieve goals like never before. Get started with a TeamLinkt fundraiser today!